Conn Donatelli model CC tuba – $6,450.00

Conn Donatelli model CC tuba, serial number 395434, 20″ bell diameter, 36 1/2″ tall, .734″ bore, lacquered. Made in 1951, this is one of approximately five such instruments thought to have been made at that time. This was apparently a revival of the Donatelli model tubas from the latter 1920’s, of which there were also very few made. Since they were not any sort of standard production run, every one of them is just a little different. This Donatelli model has a wonderful tone quality, and all of the inherent good qualities of the Conn monster BBb tubas, including a very strong low range. Because the instrument is in such good health for it’s age, the response and intonation are quite good, and I find it a joy to play. This instrument is being sold from the collection of a retired professional player, and since we have freshly serviced it, it is ready to take out and play now. A great deal for a collector or player.

Price: $6,450.00