Pre-Owned Instruments

St. Petersburg Eb Tuba - photo 1

St. Petersburg Model G02 Eb Tuba – $1,525.00

Just-consigned, this Eb tuba is pretty impressive. The valves are rather quiet and fast, the finish … [Read More...]

Conn Grand Orchestral BBb Tuba- photo 1

Conn Grand Orchestral BBb Tuba – $6,500.00

Manufactured in mid' 1916, this Union-label Conn 6/4 BBb is a lot of tuba! About 5 years ago, one … [Read More...]

Schiller BBb Tuba - photo 1

Schiller BBb Tuba – $1,500.00

Not a Geman-made tuba as the "Schiller, Frankfurt, Germany" on the bell suggests, it is nonetheless … [Read More...]

Rudolf Meinl 4/4 F-Tuba - photo 1

Rudolf Meinl 4/4 F-Tuba – $7,495.00

This instrument is one of the two best old-style Rudi 4/4 F-tubas I've encountered, the other one … [Read More...]

B & S - GR51 BBb Tuba - photo 1

B & S GR 51 / PT605 BBb Tuba – $6,500.00

This tuba is in very nearly-new condition, with only very minor cosmetic imperfections anywhere on … [Read More...]

Meinl-Weston William Bell Model CC Tuba

Meinl-Weston William Bell Model CC Tuba – $3,995.00

This rare instrument is lacquered, has a 16" bell diameter, .689" bore, and is approximately 39" … [Read More...]

Jupiter JSH-590 Closeup 1 photo

Jupiter JSH-590 4-valve BBb sousaphone “University Quad Series” – $3,125.00

This exceptional instrument has .727" bore/.780" 4th valve, and is a larger-bore instrument than the … [Read More...]

Instruments for Sale 001

Besson automatic-compensating 3-valve BBb tuba – ON HOLD

Besson automatic-compensating 3-valve BBb tuba, serial # 374153,¬†lacquered, 17 1/4" bell, bore … [Read More...]