Instruments in Process

  • King Giant BBb Sousaphone, serial # 96320, .750″ bore, 28″ diameter bell, with original case  –  SOLD
  • Sander, Kaiserslautern 4-rotor CC tuba, a pre-WWI instrument hand-made in southern Germany.
  • Holton, Chicago (York) 6/4 BBb helicon, manufactured ca. 1916.
  • King 1241 recording bass, one-piece recording bell, 1942, with original one-piece case and King 26 mouthpiece.
  • King 1140 3/4 BBb tuba.
  • Besson BBb helicon, WWI vintage, bright silver-plated.
  • Mirafone 3+1 EEb tuba, silver, like-new, w/hard  case.
  • Mirafone 3+1 EEb tuba, lacquered, some wear, w/hard case
  • Mirafone 185-5U BBb tuba, left-hand 5th, low serial number, lacquered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Please call for more information concerning any of these instruments.