H. N. WHITE KING 1241 BBB TUBA – $2,750.00

H. N. WHITE KING 1241 BBB TUBA, serial number 425340, .687″ bore, 22″ bell diameter, approx. ” tall, lacquered. This is the instrument that has been the definitive American 4/4 size tuba for at least 80 years, and this particular tuba is fitted with the large 22″ bell diameter. I’m told that William Bell used a smaller, approx. 16″ bell on his King CC in the New York Philharmonic, but when the piece called for a larger tuba, instead of playing a larger tuba, he put a 22″ bell on his horn and then it was his large tuba. Manufactured in the 1967/68 timeframe, this is a great classic tuba in great mechanical condition, a fine player. With original cases.

Price: $2,750.00