HIRSBRUNNER HB-2 5-rotor CC tuba – $10,250.00


HIRSBRUNNER HB-2 5-rotor CC tuba, serial number 841062, 17.5″ bell diameter, .770″ valve bore, silver plated. Other than needing the rotor bearings swedged and re-fitted, this instrument came in for consignment in just awesome condition. The silver is right at 100%, this 1984 model being the best-looking Hirsbrunner I’ve seen since the 1990’s. The valve work and a complete cleaning and servicing have been done, and it is ready-to-play and enjoy. Taking it out for one rehearsal made me want to keep it! This instrument, with very fine intonation and response and the unmistakable Hirsbrunner voice make it one of the best of the hand-crafted Hirsbrunner tubas of the 1980’s. This fine tuba is being sold with your choice of a new Cronkhite gig bag or a new MTS hard case(recommended)

Price: $10,250.00