KING 2341 BF BBB TUBA – $1,750.00

KING 2341 BF BBB TUBA, serial number 37 202627, .687″ bore, 21 3/4″ bell, approx. 48″ tall. Manufactured in 1987, this instrument has been cleaned and repaired in my shop with no regard to the cosmetics, just doing everything necessary to remove dents and make it a great player at the lowest price possible. The instrument was partially disassembled to get to all the dents and assure that all solder joints are good and secure. I’m thinking that the smaller-than-normal recording bell diameter (21 3/4″ as opposed to 22″ or 24″) is part of the reason that this instrument plays with such good focus and clarity. Of course, no cracks, no leaks and no dents helps with that, too! The instrument has been bright-dipped to stabilize the metal, but could be easily polished with metal polish at home if a brighter finish is desired. If desired, this instrument can be stripped, buffed and refinished to like-new appearance here for an extra charge. A King dressed in pauper’s clothing, this instrument really delivers exquisite sound.

Price: $1,750.00