Kanstul model 902-5C CC tuba – SOLD

Kanstul model 902-5C CC tuba, serial number 43509, lacquered, .687″ bore, 16″ bell diameter, 32″ tall. This might be considered to be a 3/4 instrument, but there is nothing small about the potential and performance of this nearly-new 5-valve CC tuba. I re-positioned the thumb ring and slightly modified the 5th lever to make the right hand placement and 5th valve operation as fun and effortless as the rest of the instrument. The result is an instrument that can excel in a wide variety of playing situations, from solo and quintet to pit orchestra and jazz ensembles, and will hold it’s own surprisingly well in larger orchestras and bands. The upper 1st, 3rd and 4th slides are easily manipulated if desired, but you’ll likely find that the intonation is good-enough that you don’t have to pull slides. The valveset and leadpipe are removable, making servicing and repairs easier. The main tuning slide is accessible by the left hand from the back of the instrument, making tuning adjustments more handy. An excellent made-in-the USA tuba for a modest price, with a like-new Cronkhite bag.

Price: SOLD