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Instruments in Process

  • King 4-valve Eb sousaphone, lacquered
  • Sander, Kaiserslautern 4-rotor CC tuba, a pre-WWI instrument hand-made in southern Germany.
  • Holton, Chicago (York) 6/4 BBb helicon, manufactured ca. 1916.
  • King 1241 recording bass, one-piece recording bell, 1942, with original one-piece case and King 26 mouthpiece.
  • King 1140 3/4 BBb tuba.
  • Besson BBb helicon, WWI vintage, bright silver-plated.
  • Mirafone 3+1 EEb tuba, silver, like-new, w/hard  case.
  • Conn Donatelli 5/4 CC tuba, lacquered, 20″ bell, .734″ bore, made in 1951, available as original instrument, or with 5th rotor upon request.
  • Kanstul model 90 CC tuba, silver, 20″ bell, 2nd one made, fresh out of a collection, w/ SKB hard case.
  • Meinl-Weston  4-front-piston Howard Johnson model BBb tuba with hard case and gig bag.
  • Meinl-Weston 3450 CC Tuba with hard case.
  • Early Holton 4-top-piston 6/4 BBb recording bass
  • 1932 Conn 22J BBb recording bass
  • 1948 Reynolds recording bass                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Please call for more information about any of these instruments.

Stofer Custom CC Tuba

Stofer 4/4 Custom CC tuba – .687″ valve bore, 19 3/16″ bell diameter, 31 1/2″ tall, bright silver plated or lacquered, either traditional vented, or MAW vented pistons, convertible to BBb, with case. After 20+ years of dreaming, apprenticing, praying, working and hoping, here it is, a professional 5-valve CC tuba built in my shop by the Grace of God. Based on the Getzen tubas built between 1993 and 2001, I have sought to correct all the details of that model, incorporate improvements such as the MAW pistons, and spent an enormous amount of time performing the most thorough and careful soldering job possible in assembling this instrument.  Particular attention to optimizing the leadpipe taper and bracing takes this instrument to a level never found in the Getzen instruments, making it really play like a York tuba.  To keep with the old-school quality construction, after buffing and hand-ragging, I have Anderson Silver Plating of Elkhart, Indiana plate the silver-plated models.  The instrument is also available with a baked-on epoxy lacquer finish.  I find the instrument to be profoundly responsive and easy-to-play, remarkably consistent in response and intonation throughout the entire instrument, with very light and quick valves, and a York-like tone quality that I would describe as a dark core of sound surrounded by a clear edge. The tuba has reference rings cut into the upper valve slides, so that the slides can be pulled to them, the stop arm removed and the rotor turned 90 degrees, and the instrument becomes a fully-functional BBb tuba where actuating the thumb rotor gives you a great pedal C, and thumb-2 is a clean B-natural, making this both a fully-chromatic CC or BBb tuba. In the 40+ years that I have been playing tuba, this is the most flexible and agile tuba I’ve ever played. If this is the sort of 4/4 CC that you’ve been seeking, feel free to call or e-mail and discuss making this instrument yours. With mouthpiece and MTS hard case………………………………………………………$14,995.00

Update: pictured above is serial #0002. Serial #0004 is in process, being built to the same specifications, in bright silver with MAW pistons, available in Fall 2018.  Please call for more information.

Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb Tuba – Sold

Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb tuba, serial #33960

Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb tuba, silver-plated, serial #33960. Virtually identical to a York model 91, this early 1916 Holton was either made in Grand Rapids, or from parts from Grand Rapids. The York syle of construction, using thin and very hard metal results in very resonant instruments that are relatively lightweight, such as this. The instrument has a .750″ valve bore, a 22 1/4″ bell diameter, and stands 37″ tall. Originally owned by Augustana College of Rock Island, IL, this tuba has a satin silver finish with bright silver trim, and most of the gold plating in the bell interior is still intact. The bell is actually engraved with, “Augustana College” above the mouthpiece receiver. The instrument has been brought to modern pitch, and has a lovely deep voice just like it’s York counterparts.  With three valves, this is the lightest-weight 6/4 tuba you’ll ever play, and very likely the least-expensive one, too.  With beautiful red Messina Covers bag…..$3,250.00

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