Meinl-Weston 45-SLP F-tuba, serial number 92259

Meinl-Weston Tuba, serial number 92259.   Upon play-testing this instrument, I found it to feel more comfortable and have a sweeter response than what I expected from a large-bore piston F-tuba.  I think that the exquisite response would allow this instrument to blend well in an intimate musical setting, as well as being capable of holding it’s […]

Jupiter JCB 584 CC tuba

Jupiter JCB-584 CC tuba, 4-pistons/5th rotor, Serial Number K04858, lacquered.  Approximately 10 years old, with only minor scratches, this instrument is still basically mechanically a new instrument.  The valves and slides are scarcely broken-in, and with reasonable care this 5-valve CC tuba should last for many years.  This model is offered by Jupiter with two […]