Stofer 4/4 CC tuba – $15,000.00

Stofer 4/4 CC tuba – .687″ valve bore, 19 3/16″ bell diameter, 31 1/2″ tall, bright silver plated, MAW vented pistons, convertible to BBb, with case. After 20+ years of dreaming, apprenticing, praying, working and hoping, here it is, a professional 5-valve CC tuba built in my shop by the Grace of God. Based on […]

Conn Factory Model Donatelli model CC tuba – $9,000.00

Conn Factory Model Donatelli model CC tuba, serial number 395437, 22″ bell, 36 1/2″ tall, .734″ bore, raw brass. The C.G. Conn Company at one time had unfinished, raw brass working models of all of their brass instruments hanging on the wall at the old Elkhart factory. In the photos you will see the tag […]