Conn Donatelli model CC tuba – $6,950.00

Conn Donatelli model CC tuba, serial number 395434, 20″ bell diameter, 36 1/2″ tall, .734″ bore, lacquered. Made in 1951, this is one of approximately five such instruments thought to have been made at that time. This was apparently a revival of the Donatelli model tubas from the latter 1920’s, of which there were also […]

Kanstul model 902-5C CC tuba – SOLD

Kanstul model 902-5C CC tuba, serial number 43509, lacquered, .687″ bore, 16″ bell diameter, 32″ tall. This might be considered to be a 3/4 instrument, but there is nothing small about the potential and performance of this nearly-new 5-valve CC tuba. I re-positioned the thumb ring and slightly modified the 5th lever to make the […]

KING 2341 BF BBB TUBA – $1,750.00

KING 2341 BF BBB TUBA, serial number 37 202627, .687″ bore, 21 3/4″ bell, approx. 48″ tall. Manufactured in 1987, this instrument has been cleaned and repaired in my shop with no regard to the cosmetics, just doing everything necessary to remove dents and make it a great player at the lowest price possible. The […]

H. N. WHITE KING 1241 BBB TUBA – $2,750.00

H. N. WHITE KING 1241 BBB TUBA, serial number 425340, .687″ bore, 22″ bell diameter, approx. ” tall, lacquered. This is the instrument that has been the definitive American 4/4 size tuba for at least 80 years, and this particular tuba is fitted with the large 22″ bell diameter. I’m told that William Bell used […]

HIRSBRUNNER HB-2 5-rotor CC tuba – $10,250.00

HIRSBRUNNER HB-2 5-rotor CC tuba, serial number 841062, 17.5″ bell diameter, .770″ valve bore, silver plated. Other than needing the rotor bearings swedged and re-fitted, this instrument came in for consignment in just awesome condition. The silver is right at 100%, this 1984 model being the best-looking Hirsbrunner I’ve seen since the 1990’s. The valve […]

Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba – $5,750.00

Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba, serial #45087 Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba, 4-top-pistons, bright silver-plated, serial # 45087, with Cronkhite cordura gig bag. The legacy of the York “monster” Eb tuba lives on in this modern re-creation of the very popular American Eb tuba. This instrument was part of a private collection, and has seen […]