Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb Tuba – Sold

Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb tuba, serial #33960

Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb tuba, silver-plated, serial #33960. Virtually identical to a York model 91, this early 1916 Holton was either made in Grand Rapids, or from parts from Grand Rapids. The York syle of construction, using thin and very hard metal results in very resonant instruments that are relatively lightweight, such as this. The instrument has a .750″ valve bore, a 22 1/4″ bell diameter, and stands 37″ tall. Originally owned by Augustana College of Rock Island, IL, this tuba has a satin silver finish with bright silver trim, and most of the gold plating in the bell interior is still intact. The bell is actually engraved with, “Augustana College” above the mouthpiece receiver. The instrument has been brought to modern pitch, and has a lovely deep voice just like it’s York counterparts.  With three valves, this is the lightest-weight 6/4 tuba you’ll ever play, and very likely the least-expensive one, too.  With beautiful red Messina Covers bag…..$3,250.00

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