Johann Schlipfinger (of Schlipf Mutes) has informed us that he is unable to ship to the US, Japan, and Russia at this time. This effects our ability to replenish our stock. We still have many Schlipf mutes available, but it is possible that we may run out of the more popular sizes. Any mute that is in stock can still be purchased and shipped within the Continental U.S. If this happens, we ask for your patience as we await a new shipment of Schlipf mutes. We will update you as we receive more information. Please feel free to reach out to us if there are any questions. Thank you for understanding!

Schlipf Mutes

Lee Stofer Music, Inc., is now the North American source for Schlipf Practice Mutes for tuba. Accurate fit is of the utmost importance in making a practice mute really work with a given tuba, and unlike any other maker, Johann Schlipfinger makes his tuba practice mute in 17 different sizes, so that there is a mute that will fit your tuba. Another problem with practice mutes has been size, and transporting them. The Schlipf Practice Mute is designed to properly fit your tuba when the top of the mute is less than 1/2″ above the bell rim, so the mute can be left in the bell of the instrument in the hard case or gig bag, and will actually provide protection for the bell in transit, as well as making it more convenient to carry. From top-to-bottom, this is the most intelligently-designed practice mute I’ve ever seen. The real muting capabilities, combined with the intonation and response offered by this mute is why an increasing number of professional and serious amateur players are turning to the Schlipf mute. If you live in an apartment, or ever need to practice in a hotel, or warm-up backstage, this mute is for you!

Price each (including shipping): $300.00  Call Lee at (563) 321-0642 to place your order.

  • Fitting guide by tuba manufacturer: PDF*
  • Fitting guide by mute number: PDF*

NOTE: Other Schlipf products are available by order. Please e-mail or call to check on the availability of other Schlipf Products.

Call Lee at (563) 321-0642 to place your order.

Humes and Berg

I have been a Humes & Berg dealer for over 10 years now, and am impressed by the friendly, professional service I receive from America’s first and foremost mute maker. These mutes are highly regarded and made to fit instruments of all sizes.

Call Lee at (563) 321-0642 to place your order.

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