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Josef Lidl LEP731-4GR Trigger HS euphonium

Josef Lidl LEP731-4GR Trigger HS euphonium, serial number 210375, rose brass and nickel-silver, lacquered, 4 rotors, adjustable main tuning slide trigger, with Soundline gig case.

This is one of the most beautifully-crafted euphoniums I have ever seen and played.  The oval construction initially struck me as odd, but the more I’m around it, the more ergonomic it seems.  Place this instrument into playing position, and you will notice immediately that you have an unobstructed view in front of you, instead of peeking around the bell.  The Lidl euphoniums take a medium European shank mouthpiece, have 4 silent valves, an adjustable main tuning slide trigger, and offer a profoundly beautiful tone quality with really solid intonation.  When American players first see the Lidl euphoniums, I hear, “What are These?!!”  After they play-test one, I most often have heard, “This is Amazing!!”   For the technically-oriented, the instrument has a 15.2mm/.598″ bore, a 260mm/10.25″ bell diameter, nickel-silver bell rim, valve casings, leadpipe, and more.  I think that this is a top-quality European-style euphonium at an affordable price………..$4,861.00  

Josef Lidl LEP737-4GRT Kaiser Euphonium

Josef Lidl LEP737-4GRT Kaiser Euphonium, serial number 220602, 300mm/11 .75″ bell, 15.2-16.2mm/.607-.655″ graduated valve bore, adjustable main tuning slide trigger, rose brass and nickel-silver construction, 4 rotors, lacquered, with Soundline gig case.

This is the larger euphonium available from Lidl, with graduated bore and the larger kaiser-sized body, in rose brass with nickel-silver leadpipe, valve casings, slide tubes, bell rim and more throughout to enhance the beauty and durability of this large euphonium.  The mouthpiece shank is the medium European size, and I think you’ll find that the intonation of this kaiser bariton, as it is known in Europe, is better, primarily because of the graduated valve bore.  Besides playing large ensemble works with ease, I think that this instrument would be a wonderful choice for the performing of tenor tuba parts in the orchestral repertoire.  And, because of the oval construction, as large as it may be, it is still more compact for carrying and travel than a British-style euphonium.

A one-of-a-kind beauty, or a potent, powerful player – you can have both!……………..$4,961.00 

Josef Lidl LEP739-4GRT Euphonium

Josef Lidl LEP739-4GRT Euphonium, serial number 220502, rose brass with nickel-silver leadpipe, valve casings, slide tubes, bell rim and  and more, 4 rotor valves, 15.2/.698″ bore, 260mm/10.25″ bell diameter, adjustable main tuning slide trigger, re-routed 3rd and 4th valve circuits, lacquered, with Soundline gig case.

This instrument represents the latest in European rotary euphonium design.  The 3rd and 4th valve

tubing circuits have been re-routed upwards, resulting in an instrument where any and all moisture will accumulate in the main tuning slide at the water key, so that slide pulling to empty water is a thing of the past with this instrument.  Otherwise, this instrument is similar to the LEP 731 model, but due to construction differences such as the tubing wrap, each of these euphonium models has their own unique voice.  The miniball linkage makes for silent valves that are easily maintained, the slides are exquisitely fitted, and you’ll find that every aspect of this instrument is what you would expect from a premium instrument maker……………………………………………………………$4,875.00

Josef Lidl LBB701-4  BBb tuba

Josef Lidl LBB701-4  BBb tuba, serial number 220484, 400mm/15.7″ bell, 18.3mm/ .720″ bore, yellow brass, nickel-silver leadpipe, slide tubes and more, lacquered.

Referred to by Lidl as their “Student BBb Tuba,” this 3/4 sized tuba is compact-enough to be readily handled by a young tuba student or petite player, but is of sufficiently large bore to produce an actual contrabass tuba tone quality and volume.  This tuba is built with features to make it less susceptible to damage, such as a hard nickel-silver leadpipe that is routed behind the 1st and 3rd slides, so it is highly protected.  The fast and quiet rotors, equipped with Miniball linkage, nickel-silver inner and outer slides, and adjustable thumb ring are features you expect on a professional model instrument.  Josef Lidl has only one set of quality standards for their entire line of instruments, so the LBB-701 BBb plays like a professional quality 3/4 tuba – because that’s exactly what it is.  The schools that have purchased this tuba in the US have been delighted with them, as well as adult players, both professional and amateur. With Soundline gig case…………………………………………………………………………………………………..$4,830.00

Josef Lidl LBB603-4 BBb Tuba

Josef Lidl LBB603-4 BBb Tuba, serial number 150289, Piggy model, 420mm/16.5″ bell, 21.2mm/.835″ bore, 4 rotary valves, 2nd valve slide trigger, yellow brass with nickel-silver leadpipe, rotor casings, slide tubes and more.  This model is a more exquisite crafting of a longtime favorite in the tuba world.  Starting with one of the most popular and iconic tuba designs, the Lidl craftsmen have built their version, with precision-fitted slides, a serious rotor upgrade with nickel-silver casings, nickel-silver leadpipe and “dogleg” between 4th rotor and the main tuning slide, resulting in both a substantial aid in projection, and in corrosion resistance, meaning that this little piggy will really project, and last for many years to come.  A 5-valve version of this tuba is available on order, in BBb or CC.  

Josef Lidl LBB686-4 BBb tuba

Josef Lidl LBB686-4 BBb tuba, serial number 150135, 450mm/17.75″ bell, 21.2mm/.835″ bore, nickel-silver leadpipe, rotor casings, adjustable thumb ring, valve slide tubes and more, 2nd valve slide trigger, lacquered yellow brass body. I would categorize the LBB686 as a compact, lightweight 5/4 tuba, capable of providing the foundation for large ensembles while displaying impressive agility as well.  This is a very finely-crafted instrument that is well-balanced between power and finesse, weighty sound, vs technical abilities.  Like the other Lidl tuba models, this instrument has better-than-ever rotors in nickel-silver casings and miniball linkage for long life and great performance, adjustable thumb ring, and precisely fitted slide tubes to ensure great compression and intonation as well.  I have played it in a professional setting, and was quite pleased with this 686.  It played easily enough that I could just forget about the horn and concentrate on the music.

A dependable all-around performer, with Soundline gig case……………………….$6,502.00

Josef Lidl LBB784-4GR, Moldau Deluxe model

Josef Lidl LBB784-4GR, Moldau Deluxe model, serial number 220468, rose brass 450mm/17.75″ bell, four rotors of 21.2mm/.835″ bore, yellow brass body with nickel-silver leadpipe, 2nd slide trigger, rotor casings, adjustable thumb ring, slide tubes and more, with deluxe hand-engraved bell.

The Moldau model BBb tuba is the best-selling tuba in the Josef Lidl line, and it is easy to see why.  This model speaks so easily, has such good intonation and provides such a pleasant tone quality at any volume level, that I’m quite a fan of the Moldau model. With the Deluxe, the slightly larger bell in rose brass just gives it that much more exquisite sound.  I need to know something about an instrument before I sell it, so I took this tuba and my string bass to play a New Years 2023 gig with a 1020’s/30’s band.  I played the first song on the Moldau Deluxe, and after the first song, all I heard from the rest of the band was, “I LIKE that TUBA” and “WOW.”  At the first break, the sax/clarinet player, who has been in the music store business for nearly 50 years came over and said, “Just what is this gorgeous jewel you brought tonight?”  I like the Moldau Deluxe tonal characteristics so much that I have requested a Moldau Deluxe CC version, which should be here soon.  This tuba has also been hand-engraved by one of the best in the business, and is a real treasure from the Czech Republic that any player could be proud to own.  With Soundline gig case……………………………………………………………$7,728.00

Josef Lidl LHR880D Excellence model F/Bb double horn

Josef Lidl LHR880D Excellence model F/Bb double horn, serial number 210232, 4 rotors in Geyer wrap, 310mm/12.2″ bell, 12mm/.472″ bore, miniball joints, lacquered yellow brass with detachable bell, nickel-silver rotor casings, slide tubes and more.

The 880D Excellence is a larger double horn with a quite rich, full-bodied sound, capable of plenty of volume throughout the range of the horn.  I am impressed by the smooth & silent valve action, the adjustable thumb lever and pinky hook, the quality construction of the threaded bell ring, and the freeblowing & focused sound this instrument produces.  In summary, the workmanship is just impeccable, and I am happy to offer such a fine horn at such a reasonable price, with backpack-style Soundline gig case…………………..$5,464.00  

Josef Lidl LHR880-GL Excellence Double French Horn

Josef Lidl LHR880-GL Excellence Double French Horn, serial number 210284, rose brass body with 310mm/12.2″ bell, 12.0mm/.472″ bore, 4 rotary valves with nickel-silver casings, miniball mechanical linkage, adjustable thumb lever and pinky hook, nickel-silver slides and more, lacquered.

This large-bore Geyer wrap double horn differs from the LHR880-D, in that the GL is the non-detachable bell, rose-brass version.  The all-rose-brass-and-nickel-silver construction is of more costly metal, and requires more hand craftsmanship to create.  The rose brass body and bell give this instrument a very warm and rich sound, particularly in chamber situations.  The added benefit is that rose brass, having a very high copper content, and nickel-silver are both much more corrosion-resistant than yellow brass, and are more likely to last for a lifetime.  With a traditionally-shaped Soundline gig case………………..$6,557.00

Josef Lidl Philharmonic Model LHR860D F/Bb Double Horn

Josef Lidl Philharmonic Model LHR860D F/Bb Double Horn, serial number 220182,

300mm/11.8″ and the valve bore to 11.7mm/.460″ bore yellow brass body & detachable bell, rose brass leadpipe, nickel-silver valveset, slide tubes and more, miniball mechanical valve linkage, Geyer wrap, lacquered.

There is a lot to like about the 860D, from the adjustable thumb lever and pinky hook to the exquisitely smooth and quiet valve action.  Thoughtful touches like an extension on the Bb side 2nd valve slide make it easier to find and pull, and the well-crafted water key on the rose brass leadpipe will make life a little easier as well.

As a brass instrument repairman, I get to see and play-test a lot of instruments.  The Lidl 860D has a tonal beauty, resonance and range that I find to be far and away better than just about any professional horn that I have experienced for years now.  I cannot say enough good about the sound, it just has to be experienced.  It is no wonder that Josef Lidl has been known for their double horns for over a Century.  This horn can be yours, with Soundline backpack-style case, and accessories…………………..$3,197.00 

Josef Lidl LCB 686-5IR CC tuba

Josef Lidl LCB 686-5IR CC tuba, ser. # 220511,  5 right-hand valves, 17 7/8″ bell, .835″ bore,  2nd valve slide trigger, nickel-silver bell rim, leadpipe, valveset, lacquered.  This tuba is the largest, and darkest-sounding tuba in my current stock.  The .835″ bore, nickel-silver leadpipe, large traditional body and the large bell combine to produce a quality of sound that ìs wonderfully dark, but with available edge.  I think that it is wonderful to have a really classic sound, but also uniform response and really good tuning properties, all in one instrument.  This tuba would be recommended for large orchestra or band works, with plenty of volume, and enough flexibility to take on any technical work.  With Soundline gig case, mouthpiece and La Tromba lubricants…………………………$8,646.00

Josef Lidl LCB 684-5I Moldau model CC tuba

Josef Lidl LCB 684-5I Moldau model CC tuba, serial # 230007, 5 right-hand rotors, 16 5/8″ bell, .835″ bore, lacquered.  This is the tuba that I’d nominate for the award of best all-around business CC tuba, the one tuba that can do it all, and well. The silent and swift Lidl rotors with nickel-silver casings are some of the best ever made, with ergonomic levers and miniball linkage. With a nickel-silver leadpipe and dogleg between 4th rotor and the main tuning slide, red rot is not likely for at least 100 years.  I find the tuba to be lightweight, comfortable, and well-constructed.  This is the new CC version of the Moldau BBb, which is a best-seller in Europe and elsewhere.  The Josef Lidl craftsmen and designers worked for months last year to make this idea a reality.  The first production model sold within days of arriving in the US.  This Moldau is the second one to arrive from the Czech Republic.  If you are a serious student or professional, and are looking for a large-bore 4/4 CC that will help you accomplish your goals, you need to consider the Moldau CC.  I would personally rather own this tuba than any other CC tuba made, at any price, period.  Equipped with Soundline gig case, mouthpiece and lubricants………………………….$8,205.00

Josef Lidl LCB 681-4R CC tuba

Josef Lidl LCB 681-4R CC tuba, 4  rotary valves, 15 3/4″ bell with nickel-silver rim, .795″ bore, lacquered.  The overall dimensions of this instrument remind me of the older Mirafone 185 CC, having a relatively short, compact body wrap with the bell extending far above the top branch.  This tuba’s playing characteristics are also reminescent of such a tuba.  When I first unpacked the tuba, I thought, “Why did they send me a 4-valve CC?”  I play-tested it, then thought, “I think I know why!”  For light weight, lightning-quick response, beauty and purity of tone, you’d be hard-pressed to find better anywhere, at any price.  The instrument is so efficient that it produces a full-bodied sound without a lot of effort. And yes, the intonation is really good as well.  With Soundline gig case, mouthpiece and La Tromba lubricants………………$6,534.00

I can add a factory 5th valve for an additional $1,500.00.

Josef Lidl LFB 653-5I F-tuba

Josef Lidl LFB 653-5I F-tuba, serial number 220505, 5 right-hand rotors, 2nd slide trigger, rose brass leadpipe, full nickel-silver valveset, miniball linkage,15 3/4″ bell, graduated valve bore .717″ – .756″, lacquered.  This is the compact model F-tuba, compared to the LFB 651.  The LFB is considered to have a quicker response than the standard model.  An excellent choice for solo or ensemble use, I find it to be extremely responsive and a joy to play.  I think that the Josef Lidl careful craftsmanship eliminates problems encountered on many other F-tubas. All Josef Lidl tubas use a modern Euro shank size mouthpiece, and come with a Soundline gig bag and La Tromba lubricants…………….$6,639.00 

Stofer 4/4 Custom CC Tuba

Stofer 4/4 Custom CC tuba – .687″ valve bore, 19 3/16″ bell diameter, 31 1/2″ tall, bright silver plated or lacquered, either traditional vented, or MAW vented pistons, convertible to BBb, with case. After 20+ years of dreaming, apprenticing, praying, working and hoping, here it is, a professional 5-valve CC tuba built in my shop by the Grace of God. Based on the Getzen tubas built between 1993 and 2001, I have sought to correct all the details of that model, incorporate improvements such as the MAW pistons and the new MAW Open-Flow rotor, and have spent an enormous amount of time performing the most thorough and careful soldering job possible in assembling this instrument.  Particular attention to optimizing the leadpipe taper and bracing takes this instrument to a level not found in most instruments, making it really play like a York tuba.  To keep with the old-school quality construction, after buffing and hand-ragging, I have Anderson Silver Plating of Elkhart, Indiana plate the tubas with a copper flashing and then silver plating inside-and-out. Take a look inside the instrument, and you will see silver. This is the most effective way to prevent red rot, and an instrument that stays cleaner than instruments that are raw brass inside.

I find the instrument to be profoundly responsive and easy-to-play, remarkably consistent in response and intonation throughout the entire instrument, with very light and quick valves, and a York-like tone quality that I would describe as a dark core of sound surrounded by a clear edge. The tuba has reference rings cut into the upper valve slides, so that the slides can be pulled to BBb length. When the stop arm linkage is moved to the other side of the stop arm, the instrument becomes a fully-functional BBb tuba where actuating the thumb rotor gives you a great pedal C, and thumb-2 is a clean B-natural, making this both a fully-chromatic CC or BBb tuba. This is accomplished merely by pulling the upper slides, removing one screw and reinstalling the screw, which can literally be accomplished in less than one minute. In the 40+ years that I have been playing tuba, this is the most flexible and agile tuba I’ve ever played. If this is the sort of 4/4 CC that you’ve been seeking, feel free to call or e-mail and discuss making this instrument yours. With mouthpiece and MTS hard case………………………………………………………$15,000.00

Stofer #1 through #9 have sold, and #10 and #11 are now in process.

When building the #6 Stofer CC tuba I made slight changes to the bracing around the main tuning slide and lower 4th valve circuit, resulting in a very lively sound, full of overtones, with consistent response and hassle-free intonation. These changes are now incorporated into all Stofer tubas.

The Stofer CC comes in an MTS case, and I also provide a Cronkhite bag and Stofer-Geib Mouthpiece for it, all offered as a complete package for $15,000.00. A trial period of up to two weeks is standard, and motor freight shipping is included at no extra charge.

Please feel free to call Lee to discuss the Stofer CC tuba!

Josef Lidl LFB-651-5GRB F-tuba

Josef Lidl LFB-651-5GRB F-tuba, serial number 150355, lacquered, 4+1 rotors, .708″ – .745″ graduated bore, 15 7/8″ bell diameter,left-hand 2nd slide 

trigger, nickel-silver valve casings, slide tubes, bell rim and trim, rose brass leadpipe, miniball rotor linkage, adjustable thumb ring, hand-engraved bell,

with pro-quality gig bag.

This beautiful-voiced F-tuba is large-enough for orchestral use, but has the agility and response to be a wonderful solo instrument as well.  The most-heard

comments from players at the Great Plains and Midwest Regional Conferences this year was that 1) the sound was very clean and 2) that the upper register

was “effortless.”  This new F-tuba from Josef Lidl embodies everything I’ve ever wanted in an F-tuba – not too large, but large-enough, a beautiful, captivating

sound, very good intonation and a tuba that is mechanically solid and reliable.  The top-loader gig bag is well-designed and attractive.  I’d be proud to play it anywhere!……….$6,750.00