Satisfaction Policy

It is the policy of Lee Stofer Music, Inc., to have completely satisfied customers.  If you purchase and receive an instrument, new or used, or any accessory, and are not completely satisfied with it, please return it in substantially undamaged condition, and I will issue you a full refund, minus the actual cost of shipping.

Stofer Signature Line mouthpieces

Like most players, I have searched throughout my career for “tools of the trade” that help me achieve the best tone, articulation, and intonation available. My mouthpieces are turned in Jim Kelly’s precision machine shop in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, and differ from the original Conn-Geib mouthpieces only in that the shanks are marked as A (American standard size) or E (European size, slightly larger), and that the mouthpieces have a slight bevel back-cut at the end of the shank to enhance airflow and response. I have had a test-run of two other models, but those two projects are tabled for the time-being, needing more development and testing.

The Stofer-Geib mouthpiece is a classic design, inspired by a mouthpiece manufactured before WWII. The Geib model mouthpiece has a relatively thin rim at 7mm, a 33mm cup opening, and a cup depth of 34mm. This design, with a narrow rim, moderately large cup opening, and a moderately deep bowl-shape, has a sound quality and control that I’ve not found in any other mouthpiece. The rim is well-rounded, but there is enough inner “bite” to make attacks clean and secure. This is the smallest mouthpiece that I’ve ever used extensively on contrabass tuba, and a growing number of customers report using the mouthpiece on F- and Eb tubas. I find that I can play with a more relaxed embouchure, warm-up quicker and have better pitch accuracy, as well as getting that deep core sound I’ve always been striving for. And, going to a smaller mouthpiece did not hurt my low range, either. I have had more than one top orchestral player say that this mouthpiece has a unique sound, possessing a fundamental bass sound that others do not. This mouthpiece is now used by players of all levels, from high school students to a significant number of top orchestral musicians. Join the growing number of people that have discovered a mouthpiece that can help them go to the next level!

Stofer-Geib Signature Line Mouthpiece – with zippered carrying pouch

Silver-plated: $200.00
Gold-plated: $250.00

Schlipf Mutes

SCHLIPF PRACTICE MUTELee Stofer Music, Inc., is now the North American source for Schlipf Practice Mutes for tuba. Accurate fit is of the utmost importance in making a practice mute really work with a given tuba, and unlike any other maker, Johann Schlipfinger makes his tuba practice mute in 17 different sizes, so that there is a mute that will fit your tuba. Another problem with practice mutes has been size, and transporting them. The Schlipf Practice Mute is designed to properly fit your tuba when the top of the mute is less than 1/2″ above the bell rim, so the mute can be left in the bell of the instrument in the hard case or gig bag, and will actually provide protection for the bell in transit, as well as making it more convenient to carry. From top-to-bottom, this is the most intelligently-designed practice mute I’ve ever seen. The real muting capabilities, combined with the intonation and response offered by this mute is why an increasing number of professional and serious amateur players are turning to the Schlipf mute. If you live in an apartment, or ever need to practice in a hotel, or warm-up backstage, this mute is for you!

Price each (including shipping): $300.00

  • Fitting guide by tuba manufacturer: PDF
  • Fitting guide by mute number: PDF

NOTE: Other Schlipf products are available by order. Please e-mail or call to check on the availability of other Schlipf Products.

Humes & Berg Products

photo of Humes & Berg Tuba MutesI have been a Humes & Berg dealer for over 10 years now, and am impressed by the friendly, professional service I receive from America’s first and foremost mute maker. From tuba and euphonium mutes to economical Tuxedo bags, Galaxy cases, stands and stand lights, and anything else they make, if I do not already have it in stock I can readily get it for you, and offer these products at very reasonable prices.