Instruments in Process

  • 1929 Holton 4-top-piston 6/4 BBb recording bass, with both recording- and upright bells, needs three to five days of repairs and prep work, approx. $3,000.00. –On Hold
  • Conn 20J BBb recording bass, 1954 vintage, one owner, original lacquer, with cases, ready in 48 hours, $2,150.00.
  • Martin Handcraft Double-Bell Euphonium, serial number 95401, mfg. 1929, 5 pistons, lacquered, in very nice hard case. Valves have been rebuilt in past and are in very good condition, needs minor repairs and cleaning/servicing, approx. $3,000.00 complete.
  • Buescher custom 5-valve CC tuba, 4 piston/5th rotor, pre-owned, needs cleaning and minor repairs, in Cronkhite red/black leather gig bag, approx. $5,000.00.
  • Reynolds fiberglass BBb sousaphone, vintage 1963, great valves, will completely service, repair and offer it as-is for $1,000.00 or completely refinish to customer’s specs for a total of approx. $2,250.00. –On Hold
  • 1923 Conn Helicon 4 valve Eb, silver,