Meinl-Weston 45-SLP F-tuba, serial number 92259

Meinl-Weston Tuba, serial number 92259.   Upon play-testing this instrument, I found it to feel more comfortable and have a sweeter response than what I expected from a large-bore piston F-tuba.  I think that the exquisite response would allow this instrument to blend well in an intimate musical setting, as well as being capable of holding it’s […]

Jupiter JCB 584 CC tuba

Jupiter JCB-584 CC tuba, 4-pistons/5th rotor, Serial Number K04858, lacquered.  Approximately 10 years old, with only minor scratches, this instrument is still basically mechanically a new instrument.  The valves and slides are scarcely broken-in, and with reasonable care this 5-valve CC tuba should last for many years.  This model is offered by Jupiter with two […]

Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba

Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba, serial #45087 Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba, 4-top-pistons, bright silver-plated, serial # 45087.  The legacy of the York “monster” Eb tuba lives on in this modern re-creation of the very popular American Eb tuba. This instrument was part of a private collection, and has seen very little use. Now, freshly-serviced […]

Conn Factory Model Donatelli model CC tuba

Conn Factory Model Donatelli model CC tuba, serial number 395437, 22″ bell, 36 1/2″ tall, .734″ bore, raw brass. The C.G. Conn Company at one time had unfinished, raw brass working models of all of their brass instruments hanging on the wall at the old Elkhart factory. In the photos you will see the tag […]

Stofer 4/4 CC tuba – $15,000.00

Stofer 4/4 CC tuba – .687″ valve bore, 19 3/16″ bell diameter, 31 1/2″ tall, bright silver plated, MAW vented pistons, convertible to BBb, with case. After 20+ years of dreaming, apprenticing, praying, working and hoping, here it is, a professional 5-valve CC tuba built in my shop by the Grace of God. Based on […]

Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb Tuba

Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb tuba, serial #33960 Frank Holton, Chicago 6/4 BBb tuba, silver-plated, serial #33960. Virtually identical to a York model 91, this early 1916 Holton was either made in Grand Rapids, or from parts from Grand Rapids. The York syle of construction, using thin and very hard metal results in very resonant […]

Conn 20K Sousaphone

Conn 20K Sousaphone Bright silver plated, serial #315981, with new neck and bits, and new MTS hard case.  This beautiful example of the legendary 20K is as good as it gets, with smooth, tight valves and tight, smooth slides.  I have gone through this instrument, found and eliminated any leaks, cleaned it to like-new or […]

Besson “Prototype” silver BBb helicon

Besson “Prototype” silver BBb helicon. Details available soon. Price: COMING SOON

Czech 4-Rotor BBb Helicon

Czech 4-rotor BBb helicon. Details available soon. Price: COMING SOON