• Fred Pfaff, in his Arthur Pryor Band uniform, with his J.W. Richardson model Holton tuba.


Welcome to your source for Rudolf Meinl tubas, Josef Lidl tubas, fine pre-owned instruments, Stofer CC tubas and repairs, custom work and accessories. Located in Eastern Iowa, the business was founded in 1998, first working out of my garage in Atlanta, GA and has been blessed beyond my expectations.¬† I am quite thankful for the many friends of Lee Stofer Music as the business is in it’s 25th year.

The repair shop is the primary part of this business  I do the bulk of my work by appointment. If your instrument needs servicing, please give me a call and we can set up a time for you to either bring it here or ship it, and we will get the work done while minimizing your time away from your instrument. If you are looking for custom work, a play-condition restoration of an instrument or a full restoration of an instrument, I am always happy to provide an estimate.

I have have known Rudolf Meinl, Jr. for over 35 years, and have played Rudolf Meinl instruments for over 45 years. His commitment to the best quality in hand-made brass instruments is legendary, and they continue to be the standard by which I measure all instruments. If you are that serious about playing the best, I will be happy to help you acquire a Rudolf Meinl tuba. I am presently in the process of acquiring a new Rudolf Meinl goldbrass 3/4 CC tuba, and can request others with a down-payment. Please call for details.

I was first approached by the CEO of Josef Lidl in April of 2022 concerning representation of the
Josef Lidl line of tubas, and I received the first three tubas in time to show them at the Regional
ITEC Conferences at Drake University and at the University of Kentucky in the Summer of 2022.
After much discussion, it was decided that they needed to develop a CC version of the very popular Moldau BBb tuba. I received the first Moldau model CC tuba in December of 2022, along with about 15 other Josef Lidl instruments, and I am now a stocking dealer. My impression is that the Lidl Moldau CC tuba is amongst the best rotary CC tubas I have ever played, with unmatched consistency in all registers, just very, very user-friendly. For me, the tuba just doesn’t have any difficult notes, and has a very pleasant response and tone quality. I have personally played every model tuba in stock in a rehearsal, performance or both. I must say that Lidl has set a very high bar in regard for quality, while maintaining very reasonable prices. I welcome you to come and play-test any, or all of them!

The completion and sale of the first Lee Stofer CC tuba in 2015 was a dream realized, but I felt that it would not be right to make restoration customers wait even longer while I built new instruments. So, most of 2015 and 2016 were devoted to working through the backlog of repairs and restorations, and putting the manufacture of new instruments on hold until customers’ instruments were done. Meanwhile, Martin Wilk made a set of MAW pistons and fit them to the valveset for serial number 0002, Sherry Huntley of Artistic Engraving engraved the bell, and other preparations were made while restorations were going on here. Serial number 0002 started coming together in December 2016, and since I felt the need to show this instrument at the Capitol Tuba Conference at the beginning of February 2017, we worked some serious overtime in January to get it done. The resulting instrument was everything I ever wanted in a 4/4 CC tuba – an agile, responsive and in-tune instrument with a beautiful tone color, that is alsolutely consistent from top to bottom of the range. The price is substantial, but so is the amount of labor involved in crafting such an instrument, with construction details that are hidden from view, and may be lacking in other instruments.  By December 2021 I completed the 9th Stofer CC tuba, and ser. # 0010 and 0011 are in the works.    Please feel free to contact me to discuss the Stofer CC tuba, which can be built to order, to your specifications.

Concerning sales of new and pre-owned instruments and accessories, I insist on having satisfied customers. All purchases have a seven-day approval period, and an extension if needed. If you are ultimately dissatisfied with your purchase in any way, return it and I will issue you a refund. I do request that the item be returned in substantially undamaged condition.

Please feel free to call, e-mail or message me about your instrumental needs and wishes!