Mouthpiece Modification and Restoration

I routinely repair bent mouthpiece shanks, polish mouthpieces, and cut down the shank size on mouthpieces to fit small receivers. I can also drill out backbores to open-up a mouthpiece if desired.

Restoration of mouthpieces that are currently in production is often not economical, as you can buy a new one for less than what a restoration costs. However, if you have a historical mouthpiece, or one that is just your favorite and you want it restored, I will do that for you. Just please bear in mind that I generally try to do several at one time, as multiple mouthpiece plating orders at the plater’s saves on my cost, which saves on your cost. If I were to do one mouthpiece by itself and have it silver- and gold-plated by itself (gold-plating needs a good base of silver plate to adhere well), the cost on a one-only mouthpiece would be $150.00 or more, whereas if I get 4 or more done at one time, I can drop the price by one half.

Mouthpiece orders sometimes take a while, so I ask for your patience if you get a mouthpiece restored. I can get it done quickly, but it will be much more costly.