Cronkhite Gig Bags

Cronkhite gig bags are considered to be some of the highest quality gig bags produced today. There are more than 70 patterns for tuba gig bags. These bags are available in leather as well as cordura. There are a variety of colors available in both materials. These bags are now produced by Torpedo Bags of Minneapolis, MN. Torpedo Bags has not only maintained the standard set by Glenn Cronkhite, but they have exceeded the quality standards. With a new high-tech cutting table from Germany, their output has increased significantly over the past year, but they are still struggling to keep up with demand. Better than ever, these bags now come with a separate protective zippered pouch inside the original side pouch of the bag. These bags are priced based on which material is selected and the size of the bag.

NOTE: Cronkhite prices have just gone up an average of 11%. Prices for all materials has gone up, and the price of foam has doubled in the past year. Torpedo/Cronkhite had absorbed price increases for several years already. The prices listed below are MAP, or Minimum Advertised Price.

Euphonium –                                Cordura – $330            Leather – $498
Euphonium Miraphone 5050 – Cordura – $330            Leather – $498
Small Tuba –                                 Cordura – $525            Leather – $912
Medium Tuba –                            Cordura – $543            Leather – $942
Large Tuba –                                Cordura – $564            Leather – $969
Extra Large –                               Cordura – $600         Leather – $1014

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MTS cases are some of the highest quality hard cases available today. These cases feature metal latches and wheels that are built to last, unlike some look-alike cases made elsewhere. There are many sizes of cases designed for both top action and front action tubas. We offer the full line of MTS instrument cases, and offer repair services for MTS cases.