Pre-Owned Instruments

Buescher 691 BBb Sousaphone – $3500

Buescher 691 BBb Sousaphone, ser# 144142, .770″ bore, 30″ bell
This 1923 Buescher 691 is quite the player! We have taken this sousaphone out on a number of gigs and have received great compliments. This sousaphone features a 30″ bell that really puts out some sound. The bell is copper plated on the inside which gives this sousaphone a unique look. The majority of the instrument is raw brass. This sousaphone has four valves enabling the player to play more notes without the need for privilege tones.This sousaphone is made in such a way that it could be cut to CC (for an additional fee) if the new owner wanted. This instrument has been serviced here and is ready for your next gig!

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Columbia by Harry B. Jay Tenor Sousaphone – $1,250

Columbia by Harry B. Jay, Chicago, Bb Tenor Sousaphone, ser# 9255  
Like his contemporary Frank Holton, Harry B. Jay tried his hand at band instrument manufacturing after his time in the Sousa Band, making a variety of brass instruments from about 1909 to approximately 1930. This extremely rare instrument was used in the Muscatine, Iowa Police Band back in the 1920’s, and had been in storage for decades until just recently.  Eric and I only found two necessary things before offering it for sale – a good cleaning/polishing, and bringing it up to modern pitch.  The main tuning slide was shortened by about 1/2″ on each side, and the upper mouthpipe (neck) was shortened as well.  The result is an instrument that is of exceptional quality and rarity, and is just plain fun.  The instrument is in Bb, like a large euphonium, and is pitched the same as a euphonium. This instrument is satin-silver plated with gold-plated bell interior.

Conn Donatelli CC – $5,250.00

Conn Donatelli CC Tuba, ser# 395434, .734″ bore, 20″ bell
This Conn Donatelli CC tuba was made in 1951. This tuba has the classic American sound that you would expect from a vintage Conn tuba. We find this tuba to be quite agile and to have excellent intonation. The Conn Donatelli is considered to be a 5/4 tuba. We could add a 5th valve to this tuba for an additional cost. This tuba will be sold with a brand new English Tan and Chocolate colored leather Cronkhite gig bag. This instrument has been serviced here and is ready for your next gig!

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King 1291 “Samson” BBb – $4,495.00

King 1291 “Samson” BBb Tuba, ser# 227627, .752″ bore, 23.75″ bell front.
This King 1291 “Samson” model BBb tuba is from 1940. Although it is quite large, it plays extremely easily. The intonation and build quality are exquisite on this tuba. The recording bell has the matching serial number, and it is the original bell for this tuba. This instrument is serviced and ready to play today!

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Miraphone Ambassador M7000 Eb – $4,250.00

Miraphone Ambassador M7000 Eb Tuba, ser# 16101, .700″ bore, 19″ bell, w/ case.
This Miraphone Eb tuba is a 3+1 fully compensated tuba. This tuba is finished in bright silver plate. This tuba has a great low register and a very characteristic sound. This tuba comes with the original Miraphone hard case. This instrument has been serviced and is ready to play.

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Conn Artist Model 10I Bb Euphonium – $850.00

Conn Artist Model 10I Bb Euphonium, ser# 925690, .560″ bore, 11.25″ bell, w/ case.
This 1961 Conn Bb euphonium is in wonderful condition. The satin silver plate is original on this instrument, and it looks wonderful. The bell has gold plating inside the bell flare. This instrument is truly museum quality. This baritone has a classic American euphonium sound. This instrument comes with the original hard case and a Conn 3 mouthpiece. This instrument is freshly serviced.

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