Pre-Owned Instruments

Mirafone 186 CC Tuba – $4,500

Mirafone 186-4U CC tuba, serial # 9005, lacquered, w/ Cordura gig bag and extra main tuning slide (BBb).

This old-school Mirafone is amongst the very best examples of the earlier model 186. The legendary sound and response are such to make this a point-and -play tuba with unmistakable power and style. The double-loop BBb tuning slide, with adjustment of slides 1-4 makes this an equally good BBb tuba – two tubas in one. The instrument has been carefully serviced, and is in great condition, ready to play now…………….$4,500.00

York Custom CC Tuba – $5,500

York Custom CC tuba, serial number 754199, silver, 4 piston .656″/ 5th rotor .687″, 19 1/2″ bell diameter, with Altieri gig bag.

This large exceptional CC tuba was created from a J.W. York monster Eb, refitted with branches 2 through 5, valveset, and leadpipe from a Conn 2J, which had the same valve bore as the original York valveset. I added a new Meinlschmidt 5th rotor, fabricated 5th linkage, lever assembly, and tubing assembly. The valveset has been refinished, and the tuba plays like a legend, the 4/4 CC that York never made. Freshly serviced, with Altieri bag.…………………………….$5,500.00

Miraphone 1291 BBb Tuba – $10,500.00

Miraphone 1291 5v BBb tuba, serial number BBb1291-91666594, lacquer, 4 piston, 1 rotor .834″, 18 1/2″ bell diameter, with original hard case and gig bag.

This is what I’d call at least a 5/4 tuba, with 18.5″ bell and five .834 valves. Approximately two years old, it has been lightly used. Our servicing included a very thorough cleaning, minor dent removal, lubrication and detailing. If you are looking for a dark and powerful sound in all registers, this tuba delivers. The tuba comes with it’s original hard case and gig bag. A very potent outfit at a good price.…………………………….$10,500.00

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