Pre-Owned Instruments

Conn Donatelli CC Tuba- $6,250.00

Conn Donatelli Model CC Tuba, ser# 395434, 4 pistons/5th rotor, 20″ bell, .700″-.734″ graduated bore, lacquered, w/ leather Cronkhite bag.
One of about 5 made in 1951, this instrument is rare-enough that it was never assigned a xxJ-series model designation, but was referred to at C.G. Conn in Elkhart as “Donatelli’s CC tuba.”   A factory custom CC tuba, the Donatelli was based on a cut of the older 32J BBb, which makes fo.r what I consider to be one of the better 5/4 CC tubas ever made.  Larger and more robust-sounding than Conn’s smaller CC tubas, it is at the same time more agile and less tubby-sounding than the Conn Grand Orchestral, made a generation earlier.  Recognizing the needs and desires of modern players, I have fitted a 5th rotor to this tuba, so that it can be played like a modern tuba while producing that classic Elkhart Conn sound.  Compared to larger tubas, the low range, particularly in the low G range is enormous and unsurpassed.  The 5th valve not only makes this tuba capable of easily playing in tune all the way through the pedal range, but the 5-2-3- combination is particularly useful in fast passages as an alternate to 2-4.  A wonderful, very rare player, now with 5 valves and a leather Cronkhite bag.

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Willson 3400 Eb Tuba – $7,495.00

Willson 3400 FA-5 Marty Erickson Model Eb Tuba, ser# 10695, 4 pistons/5th rotor, 17 3/4″ bell diameter, .750″-.830″ graduated bore,silver plated, with MTS hard case. I have been asked, “What’s the best F-tuba?”, and frequently I’ll reply, “A really good Eb tuba.” Eb tubas generally have less intonation and response issues than F-tubas, and are just more user-friendly while producing a wonderful bass tuba sound. This instrument, designed by Marty Erickson, fits that description exactly. It possesses all of the best qualities of a professional bass tuba, and with highest-quality Swiss construction will provide great performance for many years. This model is rarely offered for sale pre-owned, so this is an excellent opportunity to purchase a nearly-new condition 3400 FA-5 for thousands less than the cost of a new one.

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Besson BBb Recording Bass – $2,500.00

Besson BBb Recording Bass, ser#275062, 24″ bell, .734″ bore, 44″ tall, Lacquered
This 1958 Besson 3 automatic compensating valve BBb tuba is unusual in that it is a recording model with detachable bell, and that it has been restored. Lighter in weight than the American 6/4 recording basses, this instrument would ideal for someone looking for a recording bass. I find this to be a rather unusual and attractive instrument, with sold sound and intonation.

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Conn 24J Recording Bass – $2,750.00

Conn 24J Recording Bass, ser#939220, 24″ bell, .770″ bore, 47″ tall, lacquered
Here is a 1961 Conn BBb Recording Bass that not only looks fabulous, but has a sound to match! This Conn BBb Recording Bass has very good intonation. This instrument was restored and refinished about 5 years ago. The short action valves make this tuba a delight to play. This tuba has also been fully serviced here, and is ready to be played now.

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Conn Eb Tuba – $1,000.00

Conn Eb Tuba, ser#702643, .625″ bore, 16″ bell, 30″ tall, lacquer. Comes with original case and mouthpiece.
I have seen several of these Conn Eb tubas, but rarely with the original hard case and mouthpiece. The compact Eb tuba has a surprisingly large sound, and works well in a number of situations. The lacquer is intact, and it is the most complete outfit of it’s type I have ever encountered. The condition of the bell engraving is in incredible! This truly is a piece of history.

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Wessex TE495 DanubeEb Tuba – $2,850.00

Wessex TE495 “Danube” Model Eb Tuba, 5 rotary valves, 15 3/4″ bell diameter, .748″-.827″ graduated bore, lacquered, goldbrass leadpipe and bell, Wessex case. 
This Wessex is a European-style bass tuba that incorporates many design elements from Miraphone and B&S into an attractive rotary Eb tuba.  When we received this tuba that still looked like new, we found the rotors to be a little rough, but after careful lapping and hand-fitting in our shop the valves are quiet and smooth.  With a strong low range, and plenty of tone color in all ranges, and ease of response in the upper register, this is a modestly-priced bass tuba that could be used in many situations.

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Conn 24/25J Recording Bass – $3,250.00

Conn 24/25J Recording Bass, ser#M95419, Silver plated,
A nice outfit with both bells and cases for all 3 parts. We’ve done dent work and servicing to make this a formidable performer. This tuba features Conn’s short action valve set. We installed a new thumb ring to help with the ergonomics of this tuba, and we modified the lead pipe for better play-ability. This tuba puts out a thunderous sound, and is a joy to play.

Rudolf Meinl Perantucci Model CC Tuba – ON HOLD

Rudolf Meinl Perantucci Model CC Tuba, ser# 092338, .710″ bore, 18″ bell, 35″ tall
The Rudolf Meinl Perantucci CC tuba, made between 1988 and 1992, is a very close copy of a 1912 Conn Helleberg model piston CC, owned by Harold McDonald, then by Robert Tucci. This is a true hand-made replica of a Conn hand-made professional CC tuba from the shop of Rudolf Meinl. It is a truly fine instrument, that I play-tested with two orchestras and one band, and all I can say is that it is a great tuba. The instrument has two main tuning slides, one in the leadpipe and one after the valves. Rudolf Meinl offered an optional main slide with a 5th rotor, converting it to a 5-valve instrument. I have ordered the optional 5th valve and will include it with the tuba. The instrument has a beautiful Kariso hard case and a Cronkhite bag.

Please call for more details on this fine instrument.

Buescher 685 BBb Sousaphone – $3500.00

Buescher 685 BBb Sousaphone, ser# 144142, .770″ bore, 30″ bell
This 1923 Buescher 685 is quite the player! We have taken this sousaphone out on a number of gigs and have received great compliments. This sousaphone features a 30″ bell that really puts out some sound. The 30″ bell would have been made as a special request for this model as the standard size was 26″. The bell is copper plated on the inside which gives this sousaphone a unique look. The majority of the instrument is raw brass. This sousaphone has four valves enabling the player to play more notes without the need for privilege tones.This sousaphone is made in such a way that it could be cut to CC (for an additional fee) if the new owner wanted. This instrument has been serviced here and is ready for your next gig!

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York/Conn Hybrid CC – $5,500.00

York/Conn Hybrid CC tuba, ser#754199, .656″ bore, 19.75″ bell.
This instrument is a composite of a York Monster Eb bell, bottom bow, and top branch along with the inner parts of a Conn 2J CC. This instrument is quite an amazing player. The York/Conn hybrid came to us as a four valve instrument. The 5th valve was installed here and it features a custom built 5th valve linkage. This tuba plays very consistently and with great intonation throughout the entire instrument. We have taken this instrument out to a few rehearsals and are quite fond of how it plays. This instrument is freshly serviced and comes with an Altieri gig bag.

Please call Lee for more information.

Eastman 632 CC – SOLD

Eastman 632 CC Tuba, ser#16573415 , .689″ bore, 19.75″ bell
For many years, tubists have talked about the universal tuba. The all-around good tuba that can be effectively used for any performance situation at an affordable price. The Eastman 632 is such an instrument. This Eastman 632 is a very nice instrument with a great sound. This tuba is nimble in all registers and would work very well for a gigging musician in a variety of situations. This instrument is freshly serviced and comes with the original hardshell case.

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Besson 794S BBb – SOLD

Besson 794S Non-compensating BBb Tuba, ser#BE794-891774 , .730″ bore, 19″ bell
This Besson 794S is a very free blowing instrument that we would not be afraid to take to most any playing situation. This Besson is a non-compensating model that plays very well in tune. The 3+1 setup is quite comfortable on this tuba. This tuba comes with the original hardshell case and is freshly serviced.

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King 1291 “Samson” BBb – $4,495.00

King 1291 “Samson” BBb Tuba, ser# 227627, .752″ bore, 23.75″ bell front.
This King 1291 “Samson” model BBb tuba is from 1940. Although it is quite large, it plays extremely easily. The intonation and build quality are exquisite on this tuba. The recording bell has the matching serial number, and it is the original bell for this tuba. This instrument is serviced and ready to play today!

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Weril H672 Bb Euphonium – $550.00

Weril H672 Bb Euphonium, ser# B18143, .562″ bore, 11″ bell, w/ case.
This Weril H672 Euphonium is in excellent shape. This is a 3 valve lacquer euphonium that comes with a hardshell case. This euphonium takes a small shank mouthpiece. This instrument would be perfect for a beginner or a doubler.

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Holton H602 F Single Horn – $550.00

Holton H602 F Single Horn, ser# 231015, .468″ bore, 12.25″ bell, w/ case.
We have available a very nice single horn that would be perfect for starting a new student. This horn plays very easily in all registers and comes with a very nice hard shell case.

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