Pre-Owned Instruments

Kanstul 90 CC Tuba – $6,495.00

Kanstul 90 CC Tuba Prototype, serial number 44743, valves 1-3 .656″ bore, 4th valve .678″ bore, rotor .700″ bore, 19.25″ bell diameter, 31.25″ tall, silver, comes with a #6 Schlipf practice mute and SKB case.

This prototype of the model 90 was more York-like than the production models with a double-loop main tuning slide that very closely models the style of taper found in the York model 33 BBb.

But this is not just a York copy. Kanstul used the best of York elements, incorporating them into a truly modern and responsive instrument that is a really fine all-purpose professional-quality CC tuba. The layout of the vaveset is very ergonomically friendly, with a radial configuration of the pistons and the Kanstul controlled-resistance 5th rotor. I would feel confident about playing this instrument in any ensemble, whether orchestra, band, small ensemble, or for solo use. This tuba comes with an SKB hard case and a Schlipf practice mute. This instrument has been fully serviced and is ready for your next gig!

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1958 Martin Mammoth BBb Recording Bass – $1,750.00

1958 Martin Mammoth BBb Recording Bass, serial number 203977, 3 upright piston valves, .710″ bore, 24″ bell diameter, 46.5″ tall, lacquer.

This latter-production Martin is no lightweight, musically or physically. Weighing in at approximately 25 pounds, this tuba has accompanied me on a number of gigs recently, ranging from a jazz quartet, to brass band, to filling out the bottom of a full concert band. The valves have been rebuilt, and I did the final fitting, so the tuba has as good valve compression as it did in the late 1950’s. Dent-free and with remarkable intonation, this tuba really resonates with power and style. Fully serviced and ready for it’s new home.

Please contact Lee for more information.

H.N. White Cleveland Model 629 BBb Sousaphone – $10,000.00

H.N. White Cleveland model 629 BBb Sousaphone, serial number 124687, .687″ bore, 24″ bell diameter, lacquered, new-old-stock, never used, with original neck, bits, King 26 mouthpiece, lyre, HN White Warranty Bond, original package label, and HN White instrument care brochure, with new King leather protector pads, in new MTS case.

The HN White model 629 Cleveland sousaphone was considered a student model instrument, but was made to exceedingly high standards of performance and durability.  The model 629 has some features that date back to the HN White 1250 of the early 1920’s, such as the main tuning slide being placed after the valveset.
This instrument came from the remaining unsold stock of an old music store that had gone out of business, as part of an acquisition that took 5 years for me to accomplish.  On the shelf were two lumps of wadded-up newspaper, one seeming to be in the shape of a sousaphone bell.  After unwrapping the two packages, I realized that I was the first person to see this sousaphone since it was wrapped in Cleveland, in Cleveland newspapers dated to the late summer of 1962.
This sousaphone has not yet been played, a privilege which is being saved for the original purchaser.  I carefully cleaned the King 26, removing the tarnish and returning it to brand-new condition.  I have never before seen an unrestored King 26 that was flawless.  This is your opportunity to own a piece of American brass instrument history, as well as a very nice-playing sousaphone.  Due to the value of this instrument, I will consider driving in the Continental US to deliver it personally.  Shipping Included.

Please contact Lee for more information about this unique instrument!

Yamaha YCR 2310 Bb Cornet – $250.00

Yamaha YCR 2310 Bb Cornet, ser#205344A, Lacquered, with case, mouthpiece, polishing cloth, Hetman lubricants, cleaning rod, and flex brush
Excellent cornet with rose brass leadpipe, freshly serviced and ready to play.

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