Pre-Owned Instruments

King 1241 BBb Tuba – SOLD

King 1241 BBb Tuba, serial number 505714, lacquered.  This instrument has received substantial repairs, and the result is a very versatile, fun to play instrument that is very reasonably priced.  The serial number would indicate that this tuba was manufactured in early 1975.  Virtually dent-free with very good-fitting slides and valves, I would be very pleased to own and play this instrument myself.  And, because of the lack of dents or leaks, the pitch and tone quality are beautiful. This tuba now includes a carbon fiber upright bell as well as the recording bell.

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Besson BBb Recording Bass – $2,500.00

Besson BBb Recording Bass, ser#275062, 24″ bell, .734″ bore, 44″ tall, Lacquered
This 1958 Besson 3 automatic compensating valve BBb tuba is unusual in that it is a recording model with detachable bell, and that it has been restored. Lighter in weight than the American 6/4 recording basses, this instrument would ideal for someone looking for a recording bass. I find this to be a rather unusual and attractive instrument, with solid sound and intonation.

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Buescher 685 BBb Sousaphone – $3000.00

Buescher 685 BBb Sousaphone, ser# 144142, .770″ bore, 30″ bell
This 1923 Buescher 685 is quite the player! We have taken this sousaphone out on a number of gigs and have received great compliments. This sousaphone features a 30″ bell that really puts out some sound. The 30″ bell would have been made as a special request for this model as the standard size was 26″. The bell is copper plated on the inside which gives this sousaphone a unique look. The majority of the instrument is raw brass. This sousaphone has four valves enabling the player to play more notes without the need for privilege tones.This sousaphone is made in such a way that it could be cut to CC (for an additional fee) if the new owner wanted. This instrument has been serviced here and is ready for your next gig!

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York/Conn Hybrid CC – SOLD

York/Conn Hybrid CC tuba, ser#754199, .656″ bore, 19.75″ bell.
This instrument is a composite of a York Monster Eb bell, bottom bow, and top branch along with the inner parts of a Conn 2J CC. This instrument is quite an amazing player. The York/Conn hybrid came to us as a four valve instrument. The 5th valve was installed here and it features a custom built 5th valve linkage. This tuba plays very consistently and with great intonation throughout the entire instrument. We have taken this instrument out to a few rehearsals and are quite fond of how it plays. This instrument is freshly serviced and comes with an Altieri gig bag.

Please call Lee for more information.

Weril H672 Bb Euphonium – $550.00

Weril H672 Bb Euphonium, ser# B18143, .562″ bore, 11″ bell, w/ case.
This Weril H672 Euphonium is in excellent shape. This is a 3 valve lacquer euphonium that comes with a hardshell case. This euphonium takes a small shank mouthpiece. This instrument would be perfect for a beginner or a doubler.

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Alexander “Helden-Horn” F/Bb Double Horn – $4,495.00

Alexander “Helden-Horn” F/Bb double horn, circa 1973, number 6, unlacquered brass, with Alexander MY-15 mouthpiece, Kariso alligator case, and case cover.  Milan Yancich of the Rochester Philharmonic had circa 20 copies of an original Geyer double horn made in the early 1970’s.  The number 6 on the underside of the valve levers designates this as number 6 of this limited edition instrument.  The yellow brass instrument has a .475″ bore, a hand-made bell with gusset, 4 string-action valves, and has been fitted with a rose brass Lawson leadpipe. The bell is detachable, although it has the original Kariso case for a one-piece bell.  With the Alexander MY-15 mouthpiece, the sound and response are just glorious! This horn was serviced at the shop and is ready for your next orchestra gig.

Holton H602 F Single Horn – $550.00

Holton H602 F Single Horn, ser# 231015, .468″ bore, 12.25″ bell, w/ case.
We have available a very nice single horn that would be perfect for starting a new student. This horn plays very easily in all registers and comes with a very nice hard shell case.

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