Pre-Owned Instruments

Buescher Custom CC – $7,495.00

Buescher Custom CC tuba, ser#6017, 19″ bell, .730″ bore, .810″ rotor, 34.5″ tall, Lacquer over Silver and Brass
A hand-crafted custom tuba from Buescher parts. This tuba trandscends the normal parameters known as a “Frankentuba.” My assistant Eric Murphy’s brain child. He started with a 3 valve front action BBb body and a rebuilt Buescher 4 piston valve sousaphone valveset of the same bore. This tuba was cut to CC. The valveset was reworked to allow top pull 3rd and 4th slide circuits. To complete the tuba, we bent and finished a new leadpipe, and installed a Hirsbrunner 5th valve rotor assembly. After fabricating a new lever and linkage, and play-testing, we buffed, polished, and lacquered the tuba. The result is a tuba that is more consistent in response and intonation than many new tubas available today. The sound is pure Buescher, unmistakenly vintage American!

Please contact Lee for more information.

Wessex Eb Helicon – SOLD

Wessex Overture Eb Helicon, ser#0417003, 19″ bell, .710″ bore, Lacquered
Horn-o-Plenty! This 4 piston valve instrument features a .710″ bore, and a detachable rose brass bell. The body is yellow brass with nickel silver trim, and the stainless steel pistons are equipped with custom stems and finger buttons (pictured) as well as the originals. A copy of the Conn Eb helicon a century ago, this potent player is in virtually new condition, and comes with the original wheeled hard case and mounthpiece. The Eb helicon utilizes a neck and typically one bit to play in tune, so the player has a choice for comfortable fit. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Besson BBb Recording Bass – $2,500.00

Besson BBb Recording Bass, ser#275062, 24″ bell, .734″ bore, 44″ tall, Lacquered
This 1958 Besson 3 automatic compensating valve BBb tuba is unusual in that it is a recording model with detachable bell, and that it has been restored. Lighter in weight than the American 6/4 recording basses, this instrument would ideal for someone looking for a recording bass. I find this to be a rather unusual and attractive instrument, with solid sound and intonation.

Please contact Lee for more information.

Yamaha YCR 2310 Bb Cornet – $250.00

Yamaha YCR 2310 Bb Cornet, ser#205344A, Lacquered, with case, mouthpiece, polishing cloth, Hetman lubricants, cleaning rod, and flex brush
Excellent cornet with rose brass leadpipe, freshly serviced and ready to play.

Please contact Lee for more information.

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