Pre-Owned Instruments

Meinl Weston Model 30 CC Tuba – SOLD

Meinl-Weston model 30 CC tuba, 4-rotors, 16.5″ bell dia., bore .770″, 38″ tall, ser. # C4-135 (1976), lacquered, in burgundy leather vintage Reunion Blues bag (made by Glenn Cronkhite.)

This one-owner instrument is an excellent example of a vintage Meinl-Weston professional tuba, in amazing condition at 45 years old.  It is virtually dent-free, and is equipped with the original Uniball linkage.  Comfortable to hold, with easy access to slides, great sound, pitch and response, there is a lot to like about this very solid and tight tuba.  The burgundy leather bag is also very nice, ready to go to rehearsals and gigs.

A 5th valve can be added to this tuba for an additional cost.

Please call Lee for more information!

Martin Mammoth BBb Tuba – $1,750.00

Martin Mammoth BBb tuba, .710″ bore, ser#209668 , 24″ recording bell, made in 1960.

This late-production Martin is my current gig tuba, until it sells. The valves have been recently restored, and look and feel like new. This Martin has the original bit set, and an added water key for the 1st valve. The instrument is virtually dent-free, and is simply a lot of fun to play. The Martin Mammoth has the smallest valve bore of all the American 6/4 tubas, and body tapers that are therefore more conical than other 6/4 tubas. The net result is that the Martin is easier to fill up than larger-bore 6/4 tubas, providing more sound with less effort, is easier to play in tune, and offers more agility than most large tubas when playing very technical passages.

Please call Lee for more information about this great tuba!

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