Pre-Owned Instruments

Mirafone 186-4U CC Tuba – $5,250

Mirafone 186-4U CC tuba, serial number 9005, lacquered, 4 rotors, .770″ graduated bore, 16 1/2″ bell diameter, with pro-quality gig bag, and extra main tuning slide (BBb).

This old-school Mirafone is amongst the very best examples of the earlier model 186. The legendary sound and response are such to make this a point-and -play tuba with unmistakable power and style. The double-loop BBb tuning slide, with adjustment of slides 1-4 makes this an equally good BBb tuba – two tubas in one. The instrument has been carefully serviced, and is in great condition, ready to play now.…………………………….$5,250.00

Willson 3200-RZ5 F Tuba – $10,250

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Miraphone 1291 BBb Tuba – $

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