Pre-Owned Instruments

Besson BBb Helicon – $3,750.00

1909 Besson BBb Helicon,

Besson BBb Recording Bass, ser#81899, 16 3/8″ bell, .670″ bore, Silver
This 1909 Besson, marked Brevette, Chicago Bore, “Prototype,” is quite a rare tuba. It was imported into the US by Carl Fisher. A European source told me that Paxman repurposed most of these into sousaphones after WWI, so very few survived past the early 1920’s. One of the most amazing features to me is the condition of the 111 year-old silver plating. The instrument has freshly restored valves, and is supplied with a Dennis Wick 3L mouthpiece with the shank modified to fit. Yes, it plays wonderfully!

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Besson BBb Recording Bass – $2,500.00

Besson BBb Recording Bass, ser#275062, 24″ bell, .734″ bore, 44″ tall, Lacquered
This 1958 Besson 3 automatic compensating valve BBb tuba is unusual in that it is a recording model with detachable bell, and that it has been restored. Lighter in weight than the American 6/4 recording basses, this instrument would ideal for someone looking for a recording bass. I find this to be a rather unusual and attractive instrument, with solid sound and intonation.

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Alexander “Helden-Horn” F/Bb Double Horn – SOLD

Alexander “Helden-Horn” F/Bb double horn, circa 1973, number 6, unlacquered brass, with Alexander MY-15 mouthpiece, Kariso alligator case, and case cover.  Milan Yancich of the Rochester Philharmonic had circa 20 copies of an original Geyer double horn made in the early 1970’s.  The number 6 on the underside of the valve levers designates this as number 6 of this limited edition instrument.  The yellow brass instrument has a .475″ bore, a hand-made bell with gusset, 4 string-action valves, and has been fitted with a rose brass Lawson leadpipe. The bell is detachable, although it has the original Kariso case for a one-piece bell.  With the Alexander MY-15 mouthpiece, the sound and response are just glorious! This horn was serviced at the shop and is ready for your next orchestra gig.

Holton H602 F Single Horn – SOLD

Holton H602 F Single Horn, ser# 231015, .468″ bore, 12.25″ bell, w/ case.
We have available a very nice single horn that would be perfect for starting a new student. This horn plays very easily in all registers and comes with a very nice hard shell case.

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