Pre-Owned Instruments

Meinl-Weston model 451S  3+1 compensating euphonium

Meinl-Weston model 451S  3+1 compensating euphonium, siver-plated,  .590″ – .669″ graduated bore, 11.8″ heavy gold brass bell, large mouthpiece shank, serial number 82618, with Jakob Winter case.   I would characterize this as a large-bore professional model euphonium that was designed with the serious professional player in mind.  Utilizing a bass trombone-sized mouthpiece receiver, the bore develops from large to larger, culminating in a heavy-gauge bell of rose brass with an 11.8″ rim.  Despite the large bore and sturdy build, I find this instrument to respond quite easily in all registers, and allows itself to be finessed.  It is quite user-friendly, having good intonation, with precisely aligned and vented pistons, and nylon valve guides. I am also a fan of the Hiscox hard case from the UK, which is one of the lightest-weight, yet protective cases I’ve encountered.  The euphonium is fully serviced and polished, ready to play now……………$4,250.00 

Fender Coronado II Electric Bass 1967

Fender Coronado II Electric Bass 1967, serial number 204193.  The Fender Coronado II hollow body electric bass was an upgrade to the Coronado line, adding binding to the F holes, block fretboard inlays, and a second pickup just above the bridge.  The Coronado II bass featured a maple neck and body with rosewood fingerboard.  This bass has the solid cherry red finish, with only one obvious wear area in the finish.  The Coronado II line was produced from 1967-72, with this being a first-year model.  Note the date stamp of 20 OCT 67 on the bottom of the neck, which I photographed while servicing the instrument.  This is a one-owner instrument that may have never been to a repair shop prior to this.  I cleaned the body and neck, pulled the neck to verify the date, dressed the frets, cleaned some more and reinstalled the neck and strings, and made small adjustments to the pickups.  The neck is a very comfortable size, with a scale that I’d compare to that of a Jazz Bass.  I took it out and played it in public twice, and I can say that everything works correctly, it is fun to play, and it will turn heads.

The instrument is offered for sale with a vintage thin (but surprisingly comfortable) leather strap, and the original TKL hard case. . . . . . $2,750.00

SOLD! Yamaha YBB 641 4/4 BBb tuba

  • Yamaha YBB 641 4/4 BBb tuba

Yamaha YBB 641 4/4 BBb tuba, serial # 013951, .805″ bore, 16.5″ bell, lacquered, with original hard case with wheels.  Similar in bore and taper to a classic Alexander and shaped more like a classic Melton tuba, this tuba is capable of a very dark and focused tone, with excellent intonation.

Although the instrument’s age is unknown, features suggest that it was manufactured in the1990’s.

The case is an older style used then, and the leadpipe is the newer style, meaning that it is newer than 1988, when the leadpipe style changed.  Never used hard or abused, this is one of the nicest Yamaha tubas to ever occupy this shop.  The lacquer is still in excellent condition. This tuba is a solid player, and with normal care and maintenance, it will last for many years to come…$4,195.00

SOLD! Andreas Eastman EBB 623 5/4 BBb tuba

Andreas Eastman EBB 623 5/4 BBb tuba, serial # 4M13771775, .830″ bore, 18.5″ bell lacquered, with mouthpiece and original hard case with wheels.  Similar in design to the Miraphone 191 series, this tuba has a large, resonant and in-tune sound.  It impresses me as it responds very easily. The 623 has sturdy guard mouldings and strap rings, and is equipped with accessible slides and an adjustable thumb ring.  Fully-serviced and ready to play ……$3,600.00

SOLD! Mirafone 185-5U BBb tuba

  • Mirafone 185-5U BBb tuba

Mirafone 185-5U BBb tuba, serial # 9305, .725″ bore, 15″ bell, approx. 39.5″ tall.  This well-preserved vintage Mirafone tuba is just the right size for many ensembles, from brass quintet to orchestra or band.  The original linkage is quick, smooth and quiet, the left-hand 5th valve is a

2-whole-step length, and the instrument has no signs of cracks or red-rot.  This is an instrument you’ll want to take out often, in it’s blue Cronkhite gig bag.  Fully-serviced and ready-to-go, this is a rare opportunity to purchase a rare instrument……………………………………………………….$4,500.00

Hollywood Winds Eb Baritone Saxophone

Hollywood Winds Eb Baritone Saxophone, serial number B13527, model S80-BE, low A, copper-tint body, clear lacquered keywork, with 

mouthpiece, Rovner ligature and cap, and wheeled hard case.  This visually stunning low A bari sax is a beautiful player.  Originally bought as

instrumentation for a student jazz band circa 2011, the instruments were ultimately not put in use, so the instrument remains in substantially new

condition.  This being bought by the Bix Beiderbecke Society, the only signs of use are a small “Bix” etched into the bell and neck.  An obvious 

Selmer Super Action 80 copy, it is a marvelous-sounding player, and only needs someone to play it…………………………………………….$2,750.00

SOLD! Wessex Gnagey Model Eb tuba

Wessex Gnagey Model Eb tuba, serial Number 0317024, silver-plated, 4 piston/5th rotor graduate bore .677″-.734″, 16 3/4″ bell

diameter, with bell protector insert, gold-plated mouthpiece and wheeled hard case.

This very-nearly-new Eb tuba was used approximately 4 hours by the original owner, and might as well be new.  The body of this

tuba compares closely to that of the 983 Eb tuba, and is equipped with a non-automatic-compensating valveset, giving the tuba  

an open and free-blowing quality, very good intonation, and powerful response.  The tuba is equipped with a 1st slide T-handle, and

also has 3rd and 4th slides on top for easy manipulation, although I doubt that you’ll need to do much in the way of slide-pulling.

The seller tried it, liked it, but ultimately decided not to pursue playing Eb tuba, and this is to the buyer’s advantage.  This basically-

new outfit is being offered at an exceptional price, and I expect the tuba to have a new owner very soon………………………$3,650.00  

Olds O-96 Sousaphone

Olds O-96 Sousaphone, serial number 898969, fiberglass body, .656″ bore, 24 1/4″ bell diameter, with new Pro-Tec case.  Manufactured in 1974, this incredibly well-preserved player has nice valves and slides, and a customer in the shop who recently play-tested it remarked that it was the best-playing fiberglass sousaphone he’d ever played.  I think that is partly due to the process by which I seal the valveset-to-body joint on this type of instrument, removing the possibility of leaks that can prevent them from playing well.  I took this instrument out for a parade recently, and it passed with flying colors.  The bell is made so that the bell flare is not in your face, regardless of the angle at which it is set up.  A real player, with new neck and bits, and a nice Pro-Tec gig bag………….$1,800.00

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