Stofer Geib

Like most players, I have searched throughout my career for “tools of the trade” that help me achieve the best tone, articulation, and intonation available. My mouthpieces are turned in Jim Kelly’s precision machine shop in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, and differ from the original Conn-Geib mouthpieces only in that the shanks are marked as A (American standard size) or E (European size, slightly larger), and that the mouthpieces have a slight bevel back-cut at the end of the shank to enhance airflow and response.

The Stofer-Geib mouthpiece is a classic design, inspired by Fred Geib, who was a student of Auguste Helleberg, a mouthpiece designer, and principal tubist in the New York Philharmonic and at Radio City Music Hall. The Geib model mouthpiece has a relatively thin rim at 7mm, a 33mm cup opening, and a cup depth of 34mm. This design, with a narrow rim, moderately large cup opening, and a moderately deep bowl-shape, has a sound quality and control that I’ve not found in any other mouthpiece. The rim is well-rounded, but there is enough inner “bite” to make attacks clean and secure.  I find that I can play with a more relaxed embouchure, warm-up quicker and have better pitch accuracy, as well as getting that deep core sound I’ve always been striving for. I have had more than one top orchestral player say that this mouthpiece has a unique sound, possessing a fundamental bass tone quality that others do not. A number of players have reported that this mouthpiece gives them better flexibility than ever, and enables them to play better in-tune than ever.  This mouthpiece is now used by players of all levels, from high school students to a significant number of top orchestral musicians.  Play the mouthpiece that can help you go to the next level!

Stofer-Geib Mouthpiece – same mouthpiece dimensions, now hand-buffed in my shop, with improved locally-sourced engraving, personalized upon request, with zippered carrying pouch – Silver-plated: $200.00  Nickel-plated: $200.00  Gold-plated:  $250.00

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Stofer Air Corps

During the fifteen years that I have been producing and selling the Stofer – Geib mouthpiece, I have received numerous requests for a larger backbore. I have now put changes in place in how the Stofer mouthpieces are made, doing a bit more of the work myself, and am now offering a variation on the original Stofer Geib mouthpiece, the Stofer Air Corps mouthpiece. Whereas the Stofer-Geib is all about a beautiful, very controlled sound, the Air Corps mouthpiece has a slightly larger backbore, tapered to maximize air flow and give more core to the sound. If you are looking for more low-end power, more volume without sacrificing tone quality or intonation, then it’s time for you to enlist in the Air Corps!

Stofer Air Corps Mouthpiece – hand-buffed in my shop, with improved locally-sourced engraving, personalized upon request, with zippered carrying pouch – Silver-plated: $200.00  Nickel-plated: $200.00  Gold-plated:  $250.0

Kelly Mouthpieces

Kelly Lexan Mouthpieces are well made, fun and affordable. The Kellyberg is Jim Kelly’s take on the Helleberg style, and is an outstanding mouthpiece that is available in clear, black, white, a dozen different colors, and even glow-in-the-dark. The Kelly 50 is his version of the PT-50, a marvelous mouthpiece available only in clear. He also makes an 18 and a 25, similar to Bach sizing.

Kelly Stainless Steel Mouthpieces were developed first in response to requests for a metal version of his Kellyberg. The Kelly 50 was next, and now Kelly offer five different stainless steel mouthpieces: Kellyberg, Jacobs model, Kelly 50, the Polka, and the XXL. I have all of these models in stock now, and a number of lexan-polycarbonate tuba, euphonium and trombone mouthpieces. If I do not have the specific model you are looking for, I’ll gladly get it for you.

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