Price List

Brass Professional Cleaning Services

Includes minor-to-moderate dent work, and alignment of valves or handslide, precision alignment of valves, and multi-stage chemical-cleaning. Lacquered instruments are protected with a protective carnauba wax, and silver-plated instruments are completely hand-polished with the best tarnish-preventative silver polish available. (see Services)

View Brass Professional Cleaning Services Price Sheet (Updated September 1, 2022)

Note: My professional cleaning and servicing includes replacement of all alignment felts, bumpers and corks as necessary, springs as needed, and nylon valve guides as needed. Fitted metal valve guides are an extra $10.00 each. Extra charges will apply for major dent removal and replacement of missing or broken parts. There will also be an extra charge when it is necessary to repair faulty valve guide channels on a piston-valve tuba, normally $15.00 per valve. Our goal is a finished product which is mechanically as near-perfect as possible, and beautiful in appearance.

Woodwind Professional Cleaning Services

Woodwind Overhaul is a mechanical restoration that includes replacing all pads, corks, swedging keywork to eliminate lost motion, and lubricating and regulating instrument to play as well as humanly possible. Replacing missing parts is extra, as are major dents, or refinishing. Please call for details.

View Woodwind Professional Cleaning Services Price Sheet (Updated September 1, 2022)

Woodwind crack pinning – $50.00 per pin

Clarinet tenon replacement service is available, and price varies by size of instrument and extent of damage. Please call or e-mail about tenon replacements.

Other woodwind services are based upon a shop labor rate of $75.00 per hour. Feel free to contact me also about any repair concerns that are not listed above.

Play-Condition Restorations and Full Restorations

Play-Condition Restorations and Full Restorations are done on a case-by-case basis, and are done by estimate only. All repairs are based upon a shop labor rate of $75.00 per hour, as of April 1, 2018.  I prefer to see the instrument in person to make a firm determination, but can provide at least a general estimate if the customer provides good jpeg photos of the instrument via e-mail, preferably taken outdoors in full daylight conditions.

Brass Mouthpiece Modifications and Restoration

Brass Mouthpiece Modifications and Restorationare also on a case-by-case basis, and done by estimate. The minimum charge for mouthpiece work involving buffing and re-plating is $65.00 for smaller mouthpieces, and $100.00 for tuba mouthpieces. One mouthpiece is restored with each full instrument restoration, and is included in the full instrument restoration price. Restoring a mouthpiece can be extremely time-consuming. I am willing to restore just about any mouthpiece. Just be aware that if the mouthpiece is in really rough condition, restoration could cost several times that of a new mouthpiece. That is why I suggest limiting mouthpiece restoration to those of historical significance, great rarity, or mouthpieces that just play great and should be preserved. Mouthpiece shank trueing is a minor operation, and done for $15.00.  I remove stuck mouthpieces for no charge. Cutting a mouthpiece shank to fit a smaller receiver is a routine lathe operation, and generally costs $35.00. I will drill out the backbore of a mouthpiece to your specified drill size for $15.00.

Woodwind Mouthpiece Cleaning, Modifications and Restoration

I can chemically-clean your plastic or hard rubber mouthpiece, repair teeth marks, modify the lay, and repair chips and some breaks. I can also clean and repair rare wooden mouthpieces. Please call or e-mail for details.

Case Repair

Case Repair can vary widely, from replacing a handle in 5 minutes or less, to an extensive re-covering of an antique case. Case repairs are done by estimate.