St. Petersburg Model G02 Eb Tuba – $1,525.00

St. Petersburg Eb Tuba - photo 1

Just-consigned, this Eb tuba is pretty impressive. The valves are rather quiet and fast, the finish is very good, and it is simply a very nice player at a modest price. It comes with a wheeled- wood hardshell case. Specs: Nickel-plated, 4-rotor, 15 5/8″ bell, .703″ bore, approx. 35″ tall Price: $1,525.00

Conn Grand Orchestral BBb Tuba – $6,500.00

Conn Grand Orchestral BBb Tuba- photo 1

Manufactured in mid’ 1916, this Union-label Conn 6/4 BBb is a lot of tuba! About 5 years ago, one of my clients commissioned me to cut this instrument to modern pitch and restore it. I did so, refinishing it in a vintage-looking gold-tint lacquer. While buffing and chemically-cleaning the instrument I noticed that the bell […]

Schiller BBb Tuba – $1,500.00

Schiller BBb Tuba - photo 1

Not a Geman-made tuba as the “Schiller, Frankfurt, Germany” on the bell suggests, it is nonetheless a German-style instrument with a number of characteristics reminiscent of older Hirsbrunner and Mein-Weston tubas, and is the best of the Chinese-made tubas that I’ve come in contact with. The heart of a brass instrument is the valveset, and […]

Rudolf Meinl 4/4 F-Tuba – $7,495.00

Rudolf Meinl 4/4 F-Tuba - photo 1

This instrument is one of the two best old-style Rudi 4/4 F-tubas I’ve encountered, the other one being the late Tommy Johnson’s Rudi F. The low range is enhanced by having a larger-bore 4th valve, and I find the instrument to be very easy to get around with in all registers, even in the low […]

Meinl-Weston William Bell Model CC Tuba – $3,995.00

Meinl-Weston William Bell Model CC Tuba

This rare instrument is lacquered, has a 16″ bell diameter, .689″ bore, and is approximately 39″ tall. Manufactured in 1971, it was overhauled several years later and was stored for a number of years, so it is almost like a “time capsule” instrument, in amazing condition for it’s age. The original woodshell case with black […]

Jupiter JSH-590 4-valve BBb sousaphone “University Quad Series” – $3,125.00

Jupiter JSH-590 Closeup 1 photo

This exceptional instrument has .727″ bore/.780″ 4th valve, and is a larger-bore instrument than the typical Jupiter sousaphone throughout. While performing a full servicing on this pre-owned instrument, I detailed-out the valves and valve casings, and vented the pistons, resulting in a very nice and rare instrument. The wheeled hard case and accessory pouch were […]

Meinl-Weston “Thor” CC Tuba: Coming Soon

Coming Soon image

Meinl-Weston “Thor” CC-tuba, leather gig bag. Details available soon. Price: COMING SOON