Henry Distin “Highest Grade” BBb helicon


Henry Distin “Highest Grade” BBb helicon, serial number 17252, .687″ valve bore, 28″ bell diameter, satin silver plated with bright trim. Manufactured exactly 116 years ago, this late-1900 Distin helicon is an older restoration, restored about 5 years ago. The very fancy machine-embossed guard moldings, ferrules and brace flanges helped to establish these instruments as […]

Buescher “Tru-Tone” 4/4 BBb recording bass – $1,425.00


Buescher “Tru-Tone” 4/4 BBb recording bass, serial number 169427, .730″ valve bore, 22″ bell diameter, approx. 48″ tall, 21lbs. Made in Elkhart, Indiana in 1926, this Buescher is unusual in several respects. The lower bell stem and the bottom bow are one piece, giving this instrument more of a sleek appearance. The slides are as […]

KING 2341 BF BBB TUBA – $1,750.00


KING 2341 BF BBB TUBA, serial number 37 202627, .687″ bore, 21 3/4″ bell, approx. 48″ tall. Manufactured in 1987, this instrument has been cleaned and repaired in my shop with no regard to the cosmetics, just doing everything necessary to remove dents and make it a great player at the lowest price possible. The […]

SOLD – HOLTON MODEL 340 6/4 BBB TUBA – $4,250.00


HOLTON MODEL 340 6/4 BBB TUBA, serial number 316143, .750″ valve bore, 22″ bell diameter, approx. 37″ tall, lacquered. Built in 1959 and restored within the last 5 years, this is a lot of tuba. The worn, original metal valve guides have been replaced with Willson nylon valve guides, which are a perfect fit, and […]

H. N. WHITE KING 1241 BBB TUBA – $2,750.00


H. N. WHITE KING 1241 BBB TUBA, serial number 425340, .687″ bore, 22″ bell diameter, approx. ” tall, lacquered. This is the instrument that has been the definitive American 4/4 size tuba for at least 80 years, and this particular tuba is fitted with the large 22″ bell diameter. I’m told that William Bell used […]



MARTIN HANDCRAFT MAMMOTH BBB RECORDING BASS, serial # 92358, .715″ bore, 3 front pistons, 24 1/4″ bell diameter, approx. 47″ tall, lacquered. Made in Elkhart in 1928, this older restoration is quite the fun instrument to play, with a very large and sweet sound. It resonates well in all registers, has quite good intonation, and […]

SOLD – WALTER SEAR MODEL 68-C BBb tuba – $2,950.00


WALTER SEAR MODEL 68-C BBb tuba, serial number 69136, 15.5″ bell diameter, .810″ valve bore, approx. 39 3/4″ tall, lacquered. Built in 1969, this is a large-bore 4/4 tuba made by Cerveny that features extra bracing to enhance resonance and response. Not only a professional tuba player and teacher, Walter Sear was also one of […]

RUDOLF MEINL RM1-F43-6SB 6-rotor F-tuba – $6,495.00


RUDOLF MEINL RM1-F43-6SB 6-rotor F-tuba , gold brass and nickel-silver, 15 7/8″ bell, .727″ bore /.770″ 4th valve bore, approx. 38″ tall, lacquered. Originally built as a special show instrument for the annual Frankfurt Musikmesse, the goldbrass instrument has a nickel-silver bell rim, valve casings, inner- and outer slides, heavy braces, thumb ring and more. […]

HIRSBRUNNER HB-2 5-rotor CC tuba – $10,250.00


HIRSBRUNNER HB-2 5-rotor CC tuba, serial number 841062, 17.5″ bell diameter, .770″ valve bore, silver plated. Other than needing the rotor bearings swedged and re-fitted, this instrument came in for consignment in just awesome condition. The silver is right at 100%, this 1984 model being the best-looking Hirsbrunner I’ve seen since the 1990′s. The valve […]

Czech 4-rotor Eb tuba – $1,295.00


Czech 4-rotor Eb tuba Czech 4-rotor Eb tuba, no markings, brass, no serial number. This instrument has a 13″ bell diameter, approx. .650″ valve bore, and stands 38 1/2″ tall. Several design elements lead me to believe that this instrument is over 100 years old,and possibly of 19th century vintage. The instrument has been re-fitted […]

Mirafone model 183 Eb recording bass – $1,495.00


Mirafone model 183 Eb recording bass, serial #1509 Mirafone model 183 Eb recording bass, 4-rotor, brass, serial # 1509. A well-made 1960 Mirafone, this instrument is freshly-serviced, with a brass body and lacquered bell. With a 16″ bell, an approx. .680″ bore, standing 42 1/2″ tall, this Eb tuba is well-proportioned and has the unmistakable […]

Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba – $5,750.00


Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba, serial #45087 Kanstul model 66 EEb tuba, 4-top-pistons, bright silver-plated, serial # 45087, with Cronkhite cordura gig bag. The legacy of the York “monster” Eb tuba lives on in this modern re-creation of the very popular American Eb tuba. This instrument was part of a private collection, and has seen […]

SOLD – Yamaha YCB-861 5-rotor CC tuba – $7,450.00


Yamaha YCB-861 5-rotor CC tuba, serial #100009 Yamaha YCB-861 5-rotor CC tuba, serial # 100009, lacquered, with Pro-Tec gig bag. Yamaha’s answer to the Alexander 163 CC, this instrument is a large-bore orchestral CC tuba that is very focused, with very dependable intonation and response. One of only a few made, this instrument is a […]