Miraphone 191 – $6,750.00

Miraphone 191 - photo 1

This large-bore, rose brass instrument is very agile and would do well in an intimate setting, but also has the power to fill the concert hall. The sound is large, yet focused, the instrument is in very-nearly-new condition, and the valves are about as smooth and quiet as you’ll ever find on any instrument. There’s […]

Rudolf Meinl 4/4 F-Tuba – $7,495.00

Rudolf Meinl 4/4 F-Tuba - photo 1

This instrument is one of the two best old-style Rudi 4/4 F-tubas I’ve encountered, the other one being the late Tommy Johnson’s Rudi F. The low range is enhanced by having a larger-bore 4th valve, and I find the instrument to be very easy to get around with in all registers, even in the low […]

B & S GR 51 / PT605 BBb Tuba – $6,500.00

B & S - GR51 BBb Tuba - photo 1

This tuba is in very nearly-new condition, with only very minor cosmetic imperfections anywhere on the instrument. The valves are exceptionally smooth, and I find that the instrument is quite well-made throughout. Due to the medium-large bore of the leadpipe and valveset, it is a larger instrument that is efficient and does not require a […]

Meinl-Weston William Bell Model CC Tuba – $3,995.00

Meinl-Weston William Bell Model CC Tuba photo 8

This rare instrument is lacquered, has a 16″ bell diameter, .689″ bore, and is approximately 39″ tall. Manufactured in 1971, it was overhauled several years later and was stored for a number of years, so it is almost like a “time capsule” instrument, in amazing condition for it’s age. The original woodshell case with black […]