Holton lacquered BBb sousaphone

Holton 122 - 1

Holton Model 122 lacquered BBb sousaphone, serial number 247225, manufactured mid’ 1953. ┬áModeled after the standard York BBb sousaphone, this instrument is very close to the size of a standard King, and has a surprisingly strong low range. ┬áThe instrument has been de-dented, thoroughly cleaned, reassembled with new valve felts, corks and springs, and has […]

Kanstul model 33-S BBb – $7,495.00

  Kanstul model 33-S BBb tuba, serial # 45092 This one-owner instrument was custom-built, silver-plated and has a hand-engraved bell. Aside from a slight blemish from rolling out a minor bell crease, this instrument is in like-new condition still. The instrument is truly world-class in appearance and performance, with really fine intonation, great valve- and […]