Kanstul model 66-T Eb – $4,495.00

Repairs & Sales Summer 2014 075

  Kanstul Model 66-T Monster Eb tuba, ser. # 45121 One of the great feats of recent tuba history is when Mr. Zigmant Kanstul successfully built copies of the old J.W. York Model 33 BB tuba, the model 66 Monster Eb.  When most players try this instrument, they say that it is more user-friendly than an […]

Hirsbrunner HB2-P CC tuba – $11,750.00

Repairs & Sales Summer 2014 016

Hirsbrunner HB2-P CC tuba, serial # 08794, with original case – $11,750.00   This may be the most pristine 1980′s-vintage Hirsbrunner CC tuba in existence, and an excellent example of Hirsbrunner craftsmanship at it’s best.  When we were cleaning and prepping this instrument in the shop, we discovered that the upper mouthpipe had the beginnings of […]

York “Master Model” BB tuba – $3,750.00

Repairs & Sales Summer 2014 082

York “Master Model” BB tuba, made by Boehm & Meinl, w/ 2 bells – $3,750.00  Sold in the US after WWII by the York Band Instrument Company, this instrument is a good, modern copy of the York model 712 BBb.  The .750″ bore, 4-front pistons and nickel-silver outer slides are just some of the features […]

C.G. Conn “raincatcher” BBb sousaphone – $2,750.00

Conn raincatcher, York monster sousas 	001

C.G. Conn “raincatcher” BBb sousaphone, serial # 87141, mfg. late 1904 – $2,750.00  One of the earliest examples of the Conn Sousaphone, this hand-made, 110-year-old tuba is quite lightweight, even though it is essentially the same size as the 38K or 20K.   The workmanship found in this sousaphone is exquisite.  The mouthpiece pictured is not included, […]

Martin Mammoth BBb recording bass – $2,550.00

Martin Mammoth 007

Martin Mammoth BBb recording bass, ser. # 119665, mfg. 1937 – $2,550.00 Once owned by Arnold Jacobs, this instrument is quite a player.  This tuba features a lacquered 24″ bell, .710″ bore, and has matching serial numbers on bell and body.  The body has not been refinished, but can be for an additional charge if […]

B&S Perantucci 3199 F-tuba – $6,750.00

Repairs & Sales Summer 2014 011

B&S Perantucci 3199 F-tuba (PT-10-P), serial # 09460, w/ gig bag – $6,750.00  Just serviced and prepped, I find this F-tuba to be a very good size.  It is large-enough to handle any orchestral parts while being small-enough to be responsive and agile for solo and small ensemble work.  With this modern F-tuba, you can […]

Conn 14K sousaphone – $2,250.00

Conn 41K 005

Conn 14K sousaphone, serial # 612166, lacquered, mfg. 1956 – $2,250.00  A “naked lady” Conn in very good condition, essentially dent-free, very good valve action, plays like a dream.    I outfitted it with a leather guard set, and find it to be a very nice and comfortable instrument that plays as well as a concert tuba.  I […]

Conn 38K BBb sousaphone – $2,250.00

Repairs & Sales Summer 2014 066

Conn 38K BBb sousaphone, serial # 207676, early 1924 vintage Built when C.G. Conn was the world’s preeminent instrument manufacturer, this sousaphone is a very fine player.  The instrument is satin-silver-plated, with bright silver trim, and just over 50% of the original gold plating (not lacquer, but real gold) in the bell interior is still intact.  There […]

B&S model 3197 (PT-3) custom CC tuba w/ Cronkhite bag – $6,495.00

Repairs & Sales Summer 2014 006

B&S model 3197 (PT-3) custom CC tuba, serial # 283755, w/ Cronkhite bag – $6,495.00    This tuba is one of two PT-3′s made with a detachable bell.  I’m told that some years ago, a prominent tubist in the US Army Band (Pershing’s Own) ordered such a tuba for traveling purposes, and that Custom Music […]

Sherman BBb Cimbasso – $1,995.00

Repairs & Sales Summer 2014 053

 J.C. Sherman BBb Cimbasso, satin-silver, w/ case and mouthpiece Have you desired to explore the opportunities of orchestral cimbasso playing, but the cost of a cimbasso kept you from doing so?  This instrument, made by tubist and instrument repairman J.C. Sherman in Ohio, is composed of King parts in a clever, low-cost alternative to the […]

Miraphone 191 – $6,750.00 (ON HOLD)

Miraphone 191 - photo 1

This large-bore, rose brass instrument is very agile and would do well in an intimate setting, but also has the power to fill the concert hall. The sound is large, yet focused, the instrument is in very-nearly-new condition, and the valves are about as smooth and quiet as you’ll ever find on any instrument. There’s […]

Rudolf Meinl 4/4 F-Tuba – $7,495.00

Rudolf Meinl 4/4 F-Tuba - photo 1

This instrument is one of the two best old-style Rudi 4/4 F-tubas I’ve encountered, the other one being the late Tommy Johnson’s Rudi F. The low range is enhanced by having a larger-bore 4th valve, and I find the instrument to be very easy to get around with in all registers, even in the low […]

B & S GR 51 / PT605 BBb Tuba – $6,500.00

B & S - GR51 BBb Tuba - photo 1

This tuba is in very nearly-new condition, with only very minor cosmetic imperfections anywhere on the instrument. The valves are exceptionally smooth, and I find that the instrument is quite well-made throughout. Due to the medium-large bore of the leadpipe and valveset, it is a larger instrument that is efficient and does not require a […]

Meinl-Weston William Bell Model CC Tuba – $3,995.00

Meinl-Weston William Bell Model CC Tuba photo 8

This rare instrument is lacquered, has a 16″ bell diameter, .689″ bore, and is approximately 39″ tall. Manufactured in 1971, it was overhauled several years later and was stored for a number of years, so it is almost like a “time capsule” instrument, in amazing condition for it’s age. The original woodshell case with black […]